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We as human beings are subjected to this world in such a manner that we have to not only fulfilled certain responsibilities but also master some basic essential skills that are the demand of the times. Human beings are superior to other animals in the sense that they have more developed brains which enables them to accomplish complicated tasks. The fact that only the most fit in the population survives cannot be undermined and if you are not fit its best that you start to develop skills that are important for the process called ‘life’.

The use of sign language, facial expressions, and body jesters seems to be heightened in the animals. Human beings however, have a benefit of mastering both verbal language and body language. It is for us to ask ourselves, “Is it worth it being last in the race?” “Should we be someone who only knows to follow and not lead?”

Communication refers to both verbal language and body language. Communication skills are vital if we want to gain an advantage on things, events and other people. The reality is that there is a fierce competition in the world we are all a subject of and we all have to be active and striving for progression in every opportunity we get. Communication skills are not genetic it needs to be developed over time. Yes, being able to communicate effectively demands time, patience and energy.

Your communication is your mode of expression and that is why you need to have excellent communication skills. Communication at home, school and communication in a workplace or business all demand effective communication skills. You might have unbeatable problem solving skills that if matched with excellent communication skills could land you your dream job or bring your boss down to your door to discuss his/her plans with you. However, you cannot just express or demonstrate your genius due to lack of good communication skills. Isn’t it time that you break free from the cocoon and talk to more and more people? Isn’t it time you form new habits of communication breaking all the old and weary ones? Isn’t it time you communicate in the right fashion?

To be able to communicate efficiently you will have to be able to embrace change. You must look closely into your communication details. How strong is your belief? What gaps do you need to fill? Intonation, speed and clarity are the three most important things when it comes to verbal communication. The use of body language, facial expression and hand jesters must also be investigated. Does your verbal communication lack the trigger of body language? Is there any particular thing about you that gets people gravitated to your speech?

After the identification phase you come into the phase of actual action. It’s at this stage that you actually change your old habits and form a set of new ones. Your success and failure to be able to develop excellent communication skills also rely heavily on the performance phase.

It’s the demand of the present time that we ‘compete’ to win. Losers are purged as lost signatures and winners stand out. Be a winner; learn to communicate the right way.

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