Body language won’t lie as much as spoken language!!!

“I am not responsible for that theft. I swear on my kids”, pleaded the accused to the policemen. When people swear on their own kids, who else in this world will suspect him? But he was arrested and sentenced. “But why did you arrest?” asked one of the co-policemen. “His eyes have a mysterious fear and lacks innocence” replied the Superior. He was beaten up severely thereafter and at last he admitted what he did. Lips can lie but eyes can never. Reading and interpreting body language needs practice. Without speaking with a person, you can get to know his intentions through some gestures itself.

Let’s deal with the most common body language secrets in relationships. Have you ever noticed a married man twisting wedding ring? If yes, then did you then get to know that guy’s or girl’s relationship status after few days or weeks or months? According to studies,  body language men playing with wedding ring like the one said above is a sign of infidelity the partner has in his/her relationship. So does it mean when a guy keeps playing with wedding ring is likely to leave his partner. Not exactly! Some people might play with a ring when nervous.

Not only that, when a guy moves twists his wedding ring upward when sitting near another girl, it might also convey a message like this – “I am ready to ignore or break my marriage bond for your sake!” If he keeps twisting the wedding ring left and right, he might be in a dilemma to lose his marriage bond. On the whole, you cannot judge readily from this language wedding ring speaks but yes, these are some gestures that can be given a thought.

Reading male body language is quite interesting and reading female body language is really the toughest thing in the world. There is a famous thought that “even an ocean is not that deep as a woman’s heart”. And the other thing to be known is that men express their emotions explicitly whereas women wait for the men to come forward first. You will be really startled to know that most of the marriage or love proposals are being made by men after which woman decides.

Most of the men make their emotions guessable through some gestures. If he was eyeing her for more than ten seconds, it sends an indirect note that the guy is interested in her. Or if the guy tilts his head sideways to respond her, it means that he is attracted towards her. Some gestures of a guy can imply sexual attraction towards a girl. This desire will be exhibited thought his eye contact and other non-verbal movements. When you feel a continuous gaze for a long time, you might be fall as a victim of his love or flirt. Also girls can feel an abnormal standing posture from a guy when he is sexually attracted like standing sideways instead of standing erect face to face.

Another common body language among men and women is the wandering eye gesture. When you feel that your partner is in a state of infidelity he might wander his/her on others, thereby you feel like losing your importance. Even if wandering eye is hilarious, it might become a disaster to your relationship if not taken into notice at the early stage itself. Oh yes, how did I forget to mention about Barbara Pease body language! Allan Pease and Barbara Pease have studied the various body languages of individuals through an extensive study and tested practically in their book “The Definitive Book of Body Language”. You will come to know the various professional, personal and other usual gestures which can convey you lot of things like commanding, equality, dominance, under control, achievement or any basic emotion in a relation.

Certain body languages are like reflex action, and certain other controlled. But analyzing the right ones and interpreting them can pay you good results. When a person is angry you can feel a long breath and, when sad you can see a dull walk as if he or she has lost the world. Have you ever noticed aimless movements of hands and legs when frustrated? When you watch a person’s actions keenly you will find that body language has its own reach. Body language is for everyone, not for psychology students or professors!

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