Define effective communication

‘Communication’ is a vital aspect of human life. It is a 'must' that we have wonderful communication skills if we intend to stand a chance against any worldly competition. Possessing effective communication skills is necessary in each and every point in the walk of life. So, we are rational beings. Yes indeed. And 'rationality' is the very thing that facilitates us with a leverage that distinguishes us from other animals that are inferior to us. So, what exactly does communication skill refer to? Does communication only mean verbal communication, or is there more to it than what just appears? What is the correct definition of effective communication?

Communication could be a broad term comprising both verbal and written communication. If you intend to define effective communication you will have to take into consideration body language, sign language and hand gestures as well since these all form fragments of communication. Though one may feel that communication skills are inherited, the truth is it is actually acquired. We involve in the process of communication from the early stages of our life. As infants we are prone to communicate via our eyes, smile, and hand and leg movement. As we progress ahead we learn to express via words. It is after we understand the 'symbolic world' that we actually understand that reality is not just 'mommy' and 'daddy' and the faces that hover around us. We learn that there is more.

It is necessary that as human beings we learn to communicate in the correct manner. The fact is though communicating comes easily to many people it is tough for the rest. Some people also have a lot of anxiety and fear when it comes to communicating for expression. When you are communicating with someone it is essential that you both enjoy the conversation.  

If you are among the ones who can communicate efficiently it is a good thing for you. However, if you have your anxiety and defenses working against you and preventing you from communicating your mind in the correct fashion there are certain things you need to understand in order to improve your communication skills.

Firstly, communicating is concerned with forming the right habits. In order to communicate efficiently you will have to give ample room for improvement. You need to understand where you stand, in order to determine what you need to learn to. You must ask clarifying questions. You must make it a habit to evaluate your own communicating skills. It might also be a good thing to ask for your friends and family members’ and take their feedbacks into consideration.

Effective communication deals a lot with effective conversation, direct eye contact and active listening.

When you see only mistakes and dire consequences on your way, being able to communicate effectively will guide you through tough times. The right kind of communication skills will not only help you meet the demands of business, negotiations and provide you with an edge in life but also enable you to gain the right kind of exposure as a flesh and body existence on this planet.

Communicating in the right manner also requires good listening skills. If you are not potent to interpret the exact message coming from the other party, it is likely that you will also not be able to process the right information in your brain. This greatly hinders the process of communication. When it comes to improving ones communication skills speech, delivery, intonation, pitch all play a vital role. It is also a good thing to develop a kind of voice that will facilitate you with the right kind of leverage.

In order to improve your communication skills it is a ‘must’ that you break your defenses and fears and communicate more and more. The more intense and heightened your communication the better you will get. Hence go out there and communicate like it’s your last day. Being able to make out body languages, gestures and non–verbal communication can also greatly amplify your success with the opposite sex. How can you know if the girl or the guy you have a crush on feels the same way about you. How will you understand that he/she wants you to make the move? How will you know if you are getting the right vibes?

When it comes to existence ones socio-economic status is always gauzed. To say that a person is judged (in the society) by how much property, fame and leverage he/she has would not be an understatement. In order to be able to do better both socially and economically it is utmost necessary that you initiate with the most basic survival skill - “communication”. It is correctly said, “Practice makes a man perfect”. The same goes true for developing ones communication skills as well. The more you practice the more you learn. The more you learn the more you head towards perfection.

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