Emotional barriers of communication… know the reasons of emotional barriers

The hurdles which are faced by someone during communication are considered as communication barriers. Such barriers make the message doubtful for the reader to understand it. Some people get confuse after listening the talk of a person who has communication barriers. Communication barriers are of different types. Physical, psychological and emotional barriers of communication are well-known. You may not receive the right message if you are emotionally blocked due to emotional barrier. It is possible that other person wants to tell you any other thing but you are unable to get the right message due to this emotional barrier. In psychological barrier, the fear of something may affect you to communicate in the right way. Fear of a person whom you are talking is a major cause of psychological barrier. In short, we can say that emotional barriers have a great role in the communication of message. 

Barriers to effective communication in organization have a great importance. These barriers can be minimized by following simple tips. In such problem, the manager of that organization can play an important part. He should create a friendly environment in organization where all employees have liberty to talk freely without any fear. If an employee will feel unsecure, then he may not communicate with other people due to emotional or psychological barrier. It has been noted that both these barriers are found in many people. Some people have only emotional barrier, some have psychological barrier while some have both types of barrier in communication. Those people who have emotional barrier get emotional after reading a message. They take it full seriously and do not neglect any word of the message. They always think about others. As a result, they cannot communicate or reply to this message in a good way.

Some people ask a question that “what is the role of emotional barriers in communication?” Emotional barriers are considered very important for the personality of a person. A person is not professional in communication if he is facing such barriers during communication. He must overcome this problem because it is considered as gap in communication. Fear, empathy and vulnerability are emotional barriers and can be overcome with determination.

The person who is facing such barrier has problem in verbal communication as well as in nonverbal communication. In verbal communication, the person start crying or weeping when other person talk about her personal life. This state has been observed in females mostly. They are emotional sensitive and cannot bear any statement against her. Many institutions are working on women so that they can control over their selves during communication. If such people are working in an organization, then they may spoil the environment of that organization. When a person becomes able to control his thoughts and emotions during communication, he can call himself as a professional communicator.

Emotional barriers become active when a person ignores the suggestion or idea of other one. Such person feels that he is alone in this world and no one is here to respect his ideas. His emotions become the barrier for his communication. Besides this, fear also plays an important role as barrier in communication. The fear of talking to higher authority person is very common in people. They become confuse and feel difficulty in sending their message to him. Such conservation is not supported by others because the person always tries to ask those question which are helpful to increase his grace. An effective communication does not depend upon the person rank. Effective communication is a mixture of soft and best words. Without this, you cannot think to understand your talk to anyone. You can consider them as important parts of effective communication.

What are the ways to overcome emotional barriers of communication? You can get admission in those institutions which are working on such task. They will definitely give you good piece of advices. You can overcome your fear and emotions by following these steps. Besides this, effective meetings between the staff of an organization could be helpful for such people. When there remain such fears between staff members, they cannot communicate in a better way. Manager of that organization should take radical steps and stop to ignore this thing. It may leads to serious problem for the person. Other people may also help that person by respecting his thoughts and ideas. Besides this, people who are the part of his society must take part to overcome his emotions acting as a barrier in communication.

To listen correctly that person also helps the speaker to overcome his emotional barriers. Do not speak without listening his ideas or statements. Try to understand what he wants to say you. When you will help him in such a way, he will definitely consider you as your friend. After this, you can tell him some key tips to overcome this problem completely. It is strongly said that do not ignore such person because it may cause serious problem for him.

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