Perceptual barriers to communication can be broken!

A conversation between an employee and his boss:

Employee: I have given my best in this job and I can challenge that no one else can justify the productivity like how I did.
Boss: But I think that you have to improve in terms of communication as I think you are a bit harsh at times.
Employee: That is rubbish. Can you point out one person whom I have hurt as you said.
Boss: No, it’s my perception!

Effective communication is not only exchange of words or expressions or thoughts but also a place where the perceptions meet. It should be in a way that the speaker and the listener should be in similar lines of perception. Only then, you can bond with the other person easily. But again, this doesn’t happen very easily and there are many perceptual barriers communication has to face. Have you ever noticed that employees with the same perception about their boss get glued to each other very easily!

Perception is a long term thing but it starts the moment you see a person. On seeing a person you get an idea about a person and that first impression stays long in your mind. Depending on further time spent with the person your perception either changes in the opposite way or gets aggravated. These inputs from the person are the one which lays as a foundation in your communication. If the things are positive then you will not have any problem in speaking with the person but if not, you will have to face the perceptual barriers. Confusion, misunderstanding, conflicts, miscommunication are perceptual barriers that we should try to overcome if faced.

We are not born just as a human but also as a living sack to carry culture, values, heritage, attitude and many more. We learn a lot of things from experience and that experience also provides us some assumptions and expectations from fellow beings. We will be able to communicate well if our expectations and assumptions are met; otherwise we feel an unhealthy verbal communication. Expectations reduce the joy of living and wrong perception spoils our living! It is always better to break that perceptions and come out with an open mind to solve the communication barriers. Apart from these we have the psychological barriers too, which arises due to the insult or hatred given by the other person before. Our mind keeps those negative things in the first priority and doesn’t allow us to communicate with the other person.

Perceptual barriers can be overcome if we reduce our expectations and communicate with an open mind. And the best solution for this would be “Expect the worst from others” strategy. When you think your boss is going to scold you for any of your mistakes and prepare answers for that, you will be surprised. On the other hand, if you think that you will be appreciated for something but if you are fired, you will surely be put on your nerves and so you will show an outburst. And never judge a person in your first or second communication as you will stick on to that perception and even if he or she is too good, you will not accept as you will never want your perception to go false!

Perception is a trap and if you fall into it, it will take immense time and effort to get out of it. Don’t listen to others thought about a person as it will go deep into your heart and even before your first communication, you will have a hesitation to speak with him or her. If the first few communications were not smoother, don’t think too much about that as your perception can be changed after few days too. Give time to time to change! Perception depends on the reception of the person who faces the situation. If the person is open and bubbly, he or she won’t feel that much a discomfort with anyone, on the other hand if he or she is going to be sensitive then things are the other way around. Let’s try to make our personality such that others will not feel wrong about us and get a negative perception! The rest will happen to us as sign of reciprocation!

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