The Best Way to Read a Person: Body Language and Eye Contact

There are different ways by which you can judge a person easily. The one which is considered very important is to notice the body language of that person. You can tell whether the person is loyal to you or not by his body language. Those people who have a public dealing in their profession have a great command to judge a person by his body language. Besides this, eye contact during conversation also plays an important role. A professional person has the ability to make an idea about any person by his eye contact. If you are talking to a person, you should have a good eye contact with him. Eye contact can help you to understand a person easily.

It is said that the role of body language is more than your speaking. Body language of a person can tell you whether there is a conflict what he is saying or not. Most of the people are attracted by the body language rather than the spoken words. If the body language of a person is persuasive and good, people will like to talk to you. On the other case, you will not be entertained by the listeners. Now, it is up to you that whether you try to improve your body language or speaking skills. No doubt, communication skills are also very important but people notice what you act during your conversation.

A good role is played by body language in communication. It has become an important part for the progress of a business and social interaction. You can make your future idea about a person by his body language. You cannot make a good idea about a person in first encounter. What helps you a lot to judge a person? Definitely, it will be his body language by which you will judge him. There are many people who find difficult to judge a person by his body language. They think that they do not have such ability. Yes, it is possible that some people may have not such ability to judge the person. Such ability can be got by a person with daily interaction with people. Those are unable to judge a person by his body language mostly access by following qualities e.g. age, race, general appearance, occupation and voice quality etc.

Let us discuss about the importance of eye contact. Eye contact is a most powerful way of communication after verbal one. There are some rules of a good eye contact. First of all, a prolonged eye contact with a person can create difficulty for him. He may feel uncomfortable with you. Try to avoid this situation by talking him in friendly atmosphere. On the other side, if you make too little eye contact with a person, it can show your impolite behavior. There should be an eye contact with a person of at least 3 seconds. This duration is considered normal for the best eye contact.

There are some people who do not care about the eye contact. They only try to talk without any eye contact. Such thing is not appreciated by many people. Withdrawing eye contact during conversation may show that you are not interested to talk with that person. Like body language, you can access a person by his eye contact. This thing is really noted by many professional people. If you are going to give an interview to a company, employers will notice your eye contact as well as your body language. Many people got their job by their good eye contact during communication. So if you think about your prosper future, you must have a good command over your body language and eye contact. Besides them, you cannot think to get a good progress in your life.    

It is easy to say whether someone is lying to you or not by his body language and eye contact. If he is breaking eye contact with you continuously, then he may be lying to you. In short, you can tell about the loyalty of a person by his eye contact and body language. The importance of body language and eye contact is not only great in business affairs.  When you go to a date with your girlfriend, these things play an important role. A girl can observe male flirting signals from his eye contact easily. If she is also interested in that boy, then she must talk to him. During a good eye contact, there should be no eye movement. If you will do so during a date, you will give a bad impression to your girlfriend. Besides this, there are many institutions which give proper training to people so that they can read body language of a person easily. If you have such problem, then you must take admission in such institutions. 

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