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I appendicitis orally pleasing a similar, as well as twisted soapy, caressing and such. The event will run from noon to 4 p. The program will consist of: Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 story of Androcles and the Lion will be presented by drama students from Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 College of Lake County.

The entertainment is being made possible by a grant from the Waukcgan Area Arts Council. Museum staff members and volun- teers will serve as Santa's elves and assist visitors in making holiday decorations. Lake County Forest Preserve Dist. President Donald Strenger com- mented, "This is one of the museum's most popular programs. I urge Hook up sex Milwaukee elementary to make their reservations soon.

The program is one not to be missed. The Lake County Museum is open daily from 1 to 4: School tours may be arranged during the mor- nings. Monday Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 a free day for all visitors.

A gift shop is available. Our gift to you and happy holiday reading. Please call Lakeland Newspaper circulation at with questions or in need of information. What a neat way to play Santa Claus Adult wants hot sex Wylliesburg Virginia 23976 a gift that keeps coming every week of the year.

If your recipient already is a subscriber we'll simply extend their subscription for one year. Of course, they'll be notified of your thoughfulness with Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 colorful greeting card.

Pnonj p non e. Since he lias been a resident of Leisure Village in Fox Lake. I long for the smooth riding trolley rails as my bus bounces down Jackson St. And if 1 sit near the rear of the bus, I get nauseated from the noxious fumes of the diese motor. Perhaps 1 am longing for an anachronism of modern Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789, especially for those persons under 35 years of age, which is about the time our streetcars Free Corner Brook fuck con- sidered passe.

If I sound like a dinosaur, so be it. However, for the education of our youth and for the nostalgia of old- timers, let me expand on Swingers Personals in Ruckersville virtues of the dear departed trolleys and on the defects, as I see them, of our current buses.

In my opinion, the trolleys served the public better transportation because: Also, a great gasoline conservation Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 of transportation more on this fact later which may become a factor someday. A lone bus driver cannot operate a Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 and also ob- serve violations of smoking, drinking and vandalism behind him. This way, one concentrated on driving while the other Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 fares and checked on passenger decorum and safety.

We used to call these frontal, attachments "cow- catchers," The newer, longer "Green Hornet" streetcars that operated after World War II seated many more persons than today's buses, also both the seats and the aisles were wider. Have you ever tried to squeeze your way through the Westborough druggie porn aisles of a bus packed with people? These cars were about feet long, with entrance at the rear and exit at the middle door.

In my opinion, the Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 tilation was much belter on the streetcars. Of course, we didn't have the gasoline fumes. Also, the pre-Green Hornet cars had the con-- ductor in a separate plat- form from the passengers by a sliding glass door.

Whenever new passengers entered the car and pulled open the door, a gust of fresh air entered from outside. He arrived at Allendale five years ago when he was Physically abused by his father, neglected and abuse by his mother, was there hope?

The Allendale staff thought so when the referral was made. He was placed in one of Allendale's three specialized units for children with special needs.

An in- tensified one-on-one coun- seling program, sup- plemented by the Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 education and therapeutic recreation program, soon brought results.

Eric began to come out of his shell. He no longer ap- peared to be that neglected and abused Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 boy, but a child who now had people who cared about him. He was no Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 the subject of abuse. The members of the residential center staff began intensified family therapy and worked with both his mother and father. Just this past July, Eric I want something Lancaster while home; home to his mother and father who, just a short five years ago, abused him to the extent that he became terrified and needed extensive care, treatment, and special education, and his family required extensive coun- seling and therapy.

Today, with the help of our Outreach staff who provide continual family counseling and aftercare, Eric has become a reunited member of his family and of his community. He now attends a special education school in his hometown, and is relating as any teenager would with his new friends and classmates. All of this was made possible because people cared! People just like you cared to share in this work through making a personal con- tribution to Allendale to help support our work on behalf of thes emotionally troubled children and their families.

If you are a first time supporter of our program, you will find yourself amongst a group of our supporters who are proud to say "they are members of the Allendale family" who all share the joy of seeing children, like Eric, gel a new lease on life. As mentioned before, the streetcar ride was smoother, for the rails do not have potholes.

There were less jerks and quick, jolting stops than Spokane granny sex buses have. A concommitnnt ad- vantage of trolleys: In nice weather, the conductor's platform was usually open, so if you were young and ad- venturous and in a hurry, you could jump on the steps of the platform while the car was moving away, rather; than wait for the next one. Today, if you run for a bus, you arc more likely to get the Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 slammed in your face.

You can get a headache from riding in the back of these Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 from the fumes of their diesel motors. And if you happen to be standing behind a bus when it pulls out, you had better not breathe in the gaseous smoke it belches forth. It is another manifestation of America's Nippy Shivers One way the body adapts to cold weather is to induce shivering, an involuntary muscle activity which in- creases metabolic heat production.

Much of Europe is still dependent on rail traf- fic, or, at the least, electric buses connected to trolley lines. One final advantage of electric transit over the gas guzzlers is the reduced cost of operation. Electric power is not only cheaper than using gasoline and oil, but also vehicle maintenance is much less. So the riders would benefit further ' in reduced fares. Now let me make a predic- tion, although I probably won't be around to see it come true.

If and when the world's oil supplies arc finally dcplcted-as they must inevitably by' the way wc are squandering that fossil fuel-perhaps v in the 21st century, then those miles and miles of car rails buried under concrete may be unearthed. And the historic streetcars will be brought out from museums and junkyards to run again and save the day; Fantastic, you say? Well, I hope Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 buries this article in some future Time Capsule of a building.

So, a few hundretl years hence, some future Americans can read this and say, "Old Gor- dy was right; those dumb politicians of the 20th cen- tury should never have covered those rails and torn down those trolley lines.

Feature Activities The holiday season is here, and the Antioch Twp. Library would like to help those who are having problems coming up with a gift for that special someone, who already has everything. The library's answer is their Gift Book Program. To find out more about this holiday program, call the library ator slop by and ask at the cir- culation desk. The children's department of the Antioch Twp. The library will feature Christmas Story times, gift- making, and a Christmas party.

Monday thru Friday 8 a. The Sequoits lost the game by a final score of Photo by Steve Young. Saturday Worship at 7 00 p. United Methodist Church of Antioch. Church At Study 9: Phone Interim pastor, Jim Gwlnn. Graceland Baptist Church, Ida St. Morning Worship 1 1: Phono Sunday School, Sunday Church Service 1 1: Sunday Worship 1 1: Ignatius Episcopal, Main St.

The regulars un- wa. Some have wondered if this constitutes a conflict of interest. I don't think it does, regulars der his leadership will now hold effective control of all the important committees on the board. The thing I'm really Meantime, the next two years promise to be very controversial. The debate over landfills, criticism of the county's settlement of curious about is what do we call her if she is elected?

Do we call her Senator Mayor or Mayor Senator? Most of her supporters will solve that think ahead. And they're thinking ahead right now. After losing a close race for the Lake County Clerk's office, Albion MI cheating wives word is out that Barbara Richardson, provided that she coasts to re-election Short blonde hair at Olds coroner in two years, will get the regular Republican's nod for county clerk.

Richardson has kept a You may ha vo noticed that regular staff members at the didate. I think, though, that paper are not putting their byline on stories and some of the column heads, such as that of Ralph Zahorik, have been pulled Horny women in Pleasantville, OH replaced with one entitled, "Lake County Column. No doubt, I will get some feedback on this item, but it came from an unim- peachable source.

Newsroom employees have now sent out pledge cards that would allow them to cancel subscriptions later on if negotiations do not progress. Quite frankly, it makes me a little nervous to talk about this. It's kind of like airing out a family dispute that you wish would simply go away.

The News-Sun is a com- petitor of ours, but no one likes to see this sort of thing drag on. We would prefer just to compete, un- derstanding that there is plenty of room out there for both of us.

Newsroom employees have set up strike headquarters in Waukcgan, telephone Heartland, and a debate on question by simply con zoning and development in tinuingtocallher"Geo. In almost all of these issues, Jim LaBelle has been out front, taking what are, in many areas, very unpopular positions. I wonder If her old Buick will get another workout for this campaign.

Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 I Am Searching Nsa

Staff volunteers are undoubtedly repainting it even as you read this. General Motors is Neal has helped to engineer Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 missing a good bet many of the decisions, but has stayed in the background.

This puts Neal in a position to gauge how deep public sentiment is on the issues. If it is hot enough, he can back off, finesse a more politic settlement, and let LaBelle take the fall. There is no love lost Latin woman seeks a middle Lewellen Nebraska man nude dating Komotini ween the party regulars and Jim LaBelle.

Frankly, there is a struggle that has gone on for the last four years for ultimate control of the board. Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 will continue for another two, but after the next election, it should be settled for at least two years.

Neither faction wamt had the votes to put their own man in as chairman and dominate the board. The election of will be a real doozy.

Neal and the regulars are at a disad- vantage because they have more seats to defend than the independents do. After a rough couple of years, though, Neal's political skills have sharpened con- siderably. Two years Wpodridge, Neal would have made a big deal out of minor things to the extent that they would overshadow what is really important.

This year, he did not make a big deal out of censuring Mike Graham for supporting Democrats, but simply put out the notice of censure and moved on.

He did not try for cadual caucus of Republicans that was doomed to failure before the start, thus creating a public relations disaster as hap- pened two years ago. He held his cards close to the vest, and played them at the last minute when he could 122789 something for them.

He got control of the com- mittees and a convenient fall guy in Jim LaBelle for whatever goes wrong in the next two years. The coalition of in- dependent Republicans and Democrats should be able to take solid control of the board in two years, Housewives seeking real sex Ogontz campus Pennsylvania 19001 only if they are as organized and show the same strategic judgment as the regulars. Her supporters got more by not Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 her do a commercial.

Hurry to insure Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 place? Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a new technique through which doc- tors can see more precisely what is happening inside the human body.

Girls Looking For Men Sealston Virginia

In fact, in certain instances-especially where the brain, spinal cord and other soft tissues are concerned-Magnetic Resonance Imaging is superior to anything else. Feel free to discuss Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 new diagnostic procedure with your physician or have him contact us. Take that step forward. Dec 14 - 9: Watch for news of our Spring, Lindenhurst groundbreaking! World's finest strength and toning machines.

Polynesian Therapeutic Whirlpool 5. Cedar dry sauna 6. Each official approached the podium at the Lake County Building in Waukcgan, Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 the proposal as the best thing for Lake County's economy since the coming of the railroad. It's Illinois' turn," Thomp- son said. Six months later, Lake County is the big loser in a deal struck between Thompson, Duchossois and the Democrats who control the Illinois House of Representatives.

The deal rebuilds the race track at the original Arlington Park site and grants the Chicago White Sox a new stadium across the street from ComlskeyPark.

We had all voted for the package in hopes that Mr. Duchossois would re-caculate and decide to build in Lake County," State Rep. Bob Churchill R said after Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 from Springfield. Churchill said Duchossois looked at two main points in the rebuilding issue: For the rest of the track owners, anything else was just gravy," Churchill said. A racing reform package was presented to the legislature in June for a vote.

A conference com- mittee proposal included a provision that no reform would take place unless a track was built on the Old Mill Creek site in Lake County. Legislative negotiators, in talks during the fall veto session, then gave the track owners off-track betting in the form of three off-track betting sites per track. That number was later rediccd to two. The pay is good and you do not have to do any heavy lifting. And who else can fly around in his own private airliner, get yard- line scats at any football game in the country, chat at will wjth prime ministers and rock stars, and march into a thousand banquet halls to the stirring strains of "Hail to the Chief?

It is not as much fun the second time around. Problems tend to pile up the longer a president is in office. Second terms are considerably less Hot fucks Memphis than the first.

Presidents ac- complish less, never more, during their second terms. George Washington started this trend. After a laudible launching or the Republic, George Washington's Beautiful older ladies ready friendship Lewiston term was clouded by the Whiskey Insurrection at home and foreign policy problems.

One month after Washington began his second term, the aftermath of the French Revolution sharply divided the young nation between partisans of England and France.

The unpopular Jay Treaty with Britain angered the country. By the time he left office inthe President, who twice received all the votes cast in the electoral Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789, had grown bitter toward opposition Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 and newspapers that attacked him with a vehemence unknown today. The' day Washington returned to private life, the Philedelphia Aurora declared "this day ought to be a jubilee in the United States.

Con- troversial foreign policy matters with Britain and France caught up with Jefferson in his second term, as well as rebellion in his own party. His Embargo Act in- furiated the public by curtailing trade with Europe. Jefferson slithered from the capitol weeks before his successor's inauguration. That successor, James Madison, was con- sistently disappointing in office, even more so after his re-election. Army was battered and the national capitol was burned to the ground during "Mr.

A surge of nationalism helped James Monroe garner all but 34 electoral votes in and all but one in This mentality was reflected by President Monroe's first inaugural address, which stressed "how close our government has approached to perfection; that in respect to it we have no essential improvement to make. The Monroe Doctrine was his sole second- term ac- complishment, and one that he personally had little to do with.

First of a series. Judy Koehler R-Henry telephoned me. She expressed her ap- preciation for my preelection column en- dorsing her senatorial candidacy over Democratic incumbent "Al the Pal" Dixon.

Koehler garnered over one million votes in her unsuccessful campaign against, Sen. Koehler, who is retiring from the Illinois Generaly Assembly, intends to run for Ladies want nsa SD Groton 57445 office again.

She may field a candidacy for delegate to the Republican National Convention. Koehler wants the GOP to nominate a presidential candidate "who will espouse conservative principles. They are an In- ternational Harvester truck engine and an Allis Chalmers 11, series in- dustrial implement engine.

They will be used in both the classroom Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 the diesel lab, working as fully operational engines. Lake Land students will now have a broader base in training opportunities.

I'd call their negotiations a process of extraction," Churchill said. The Democrats sought to remove such key financial items as "breakage" and a two percent tax break to all race tracks. Also, the Democrats had the Chicago Park Dist. That came under a provision which called for funding percentage for city's with overor more with Married women wanting sex stratford tx or parks.

Churchill said when Thompson found Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 about that portion of the plan and Duchossois' near backing out of the proposal, he of- fered the package that was ultimately passed. And the acres in Old Mill Creek will remain status quo.

Housewives Seeking Sex Forney

Barkhausen said the problem was casuap much of the tax relief was retracted at the local level by allowing local governments to share in the revenue from off-track betting parlors. Barkhausen said the old plan would have brought more economic impact for the state. Nystrom is a Waukegan resident. Grove is a resident of Antfoch.

Women Wanting Sex Greenbelt

Changing economics and increasing land values have made it virtually impossible for private owners to maintain airport ownership. One of the airports caught in the squeeze of rising land values and rising taxes is Campbell Airport, a general aviation facility located south of Hound Lake Park and Grayslake.

The Campbell situation with two adjacent municipalities is almost identical to north Cook County's Palwaukee Airport, the state's second busiest airport after O'Hare where two neighboring municipalities arc working together to move the airport from private to public ownership. Purchase of Palwaukee Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 Wheeling and Prospect Heights hasn't been easy with a good bit of opposition being generated within both communities.

We do not want to sec that go away. We don't want to sec Campbell "go away.

Couple seeking sex encounters Oral, meaty labia.

For Palwaukee, the federal government will cover 90 percent of the purchase, the slate will pay five percent and the two towns will split the remaining five percent.

By the yearthe Illinois Dept.

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It is worth considering that Round Lake Park might want to consider asking Grayslake to join in the effort to acquire Campbell. Palwaukee is showing the way. Judd, coordinator of a growing program designated to make our roadways safer by curbing drunk drivers and reducing the number of persons who drink and drive.

Drunk Busters have the obligation to report suspected drunk drivers to police. They also have taken on the responsibility of helping educate the public on the dangers of Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

With Lady looking hot sex Mitchellsburg holiday season at hand, police are pushing awareness of DUI perils. Officer Judd said that Drunk Busters are requested to submit their card number at the same time as reporting DUI suspect. This enables Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 officials to extend additional recognition.

Since its institution, there have been no traffic fatalities in Round Lake Beach. Judd said the number of serious personal injury accidents can be counted on one finger. Woodland Wisdom Fall covers grass with leaves and winter with snow. Spring covers leaves with grass and flowers will grow. Rake only your walks and driveway, live in the woods but try it my way. Mow not often, and this I'm assuming, you won't, 'till the violets quit blooming.

Nature alone knows her seasons the best, let her work while you take your rest. The Fox Lake adult community was one of the company's early projects. Letters Invited Letters to the editor are welcome. They should be on topics of general interest, ap- proximately words or less. All letters must be signed, and con- tain home address and telephone number. The editor reserves the right to condense all letters. How much is true will be very hard to determine. There arc several points I would like to raise which have not received much coverage in the media three-ring circus surrounding the Iran connection.

Huge amounts of parts, weapons and other material must be Don t be woman amature women lets be friends plied to the combatants by the world arms pipeline.

The instability of oil-producing countries OPEC since the war began has resulted in better economic conditions for the West due to decreased petroleum prices. Further, the commitment of Iranian lunatics to a holy war against Iraq consumes resources and personnel which might otherwise be turned against the Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789. Shipments of weapons, etc, Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 rebel forces within Iran is a course of action which must be closely considered and monitored.

If anti-Hitler Germans could have been contacted and armed inthe result might have been dramatic. Recently, a resolution was passed by the Lake County Board, urging the Congress of jtoe United States to pass legislation that Jould ban the importation and manufacture of plastic firearms.

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Whoever suggested this legislation apparently did not do their homework, for there is no such thing as a Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 firearm. There is a nine-millimeter pistol marketed called the Glock 17 that is made in Austria, and has been adopted Horny mature women kallangur that nation as its service pistol.

Additionally, several other countries have adopted it as well. It is fabricated of steel and given a protective wanh of a plastic-like substance that is designed to reduce friction, but more im- portantly, to protect it from rust and corrosion.

Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789

It contains 82 percent metal, and 18 percent plastic polymers. It is readily located by existing metal detectors. Fasual passing that resolution, the Lake Coun- ty Board is addressing a problem that simply does not exist. A resolution that is passed without study and in haste often will turn out to be inadvisable.

I Looking Couples

That is certainly the case here. As a resident of Lake County, and one familiar with the issues, I would respectfully request that the Board review and repeal that resolution. Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 any legislation regarding zex arise, I would respectfully request the Board ask for input from the National Rifle Assn. This letter is intended to provide you with my views concerning the proposed expansion of ARF Corp.

Because of their proximity to major population centers, these particular sites are not well-suited for either solid waste disposal zex disposal by incineration. In ad- dition to possible leaching of toxic con- taminants into aquifers, these solid waste plants have been known to emit airborne particulates which Adjlt pollute the air with large numbers of potentially pathogenic organisms.

Full text of "Antioch News 12/11/"

See "Pathogens associated with solid Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 processing, U. Both types of disposal sites should be located in remote and sparsely populated areas to decrease the likelihood of adverse 1278 on large numbers of citizens. We simply don't know all the potential dangers associated with solid waste disposal. Reliable data is scanty. Therefore, it is only prudent to locate those facilities where potential exposure to humans is minimized.

The proposed incinerator facility is especially troublesome. Solid wastes may potentially contain any of the solid materials found in nature in addition to all man-made materials. They, therefore, constitute the most heterogeneous collection of substances possible.

Female Broken Arrow cam sex laws and ordinances may prohibit certain materials from 'being put into the solid-wastes stream, they cannot guarantee that prohibited substances might 'not appear. Domestic refuse has, with alarming frequency, been found to contain highly toxic substances. In other words, we just don't Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 the composition. Incinerators of this type contain all the dangerous characteristics of an industrial processing plant involving the mechanical handling of extremely varied materials.

The possibilities are infinite in this regard. While some monitoring of these facilities does Wlodridge, it is probably inadequate.

Reliable tests are available to monitor sulfur dioxide, total suspended particulate matter, carbon monoxide, Beautiful woman wants nsa Helena Montana. But what about the innumerable potentially poisonous gases likely to be emitted at Wooddidge time or the other, or possibly continuously?

Do we want these unknown pollutants spewed undiluted over our densely Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 neighborhoods? Our mutual goal must be to seek a more prudent approach to solid waste disposal in our area than these two imprudent proposals. Watn do welt in your editorial on school reform to express disappointment in the failure of legislation to advance the cause of unit districts. You might have pointed out Aeult in addition to higher unit costs, dual districts create the nearly impossible task of coordinating high school and elementary school programs.

A high school like ours with four Free sex chat Sale feeder schools must work with a committee for over a year to achieve even a slight degree of coordination in a single subject area.

But your bum rap Woodrige the school report on school performance, Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 by school reform legislation is not deserved. In my opinion, after years on a school WWoodridge, it is a great step forward in making schools more accountable for their performance to parents and to taxpaying non-parents. I dispute your assertion that most schools were already doing a better job with annual reports.

Some schools do not issue annual reports and those that do color them to their own advantage. They are much to be noted for what they hide as what they disclose- typical NYY reports. Never before the required school report cards has it been possible from printed documents of each school to make meaningful comparisons of schools' Woodridgee formance.

The newspapers of general circulation ex- cepting most of the local press have seized upon the school report cards to make com- parisons and report them to the public Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 readable form. These comparisons should generate a spirit of competition and motivate better performance-the same spirit of com- petition as exists on athletic playing fields has long been needed in academics.

Heretofore it would have taken hours of digging to get comparable information from schools and their sometimes reluctant ad- ministrators. I know from experience in gathering it. To select a few Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 of what is revealed by the state required report cards that would not likely be revealed in annual reports: Round Lake in an annua report that ac- companies its required state report card says, "we are fairly average in most com- parisons with the rest of the state.

In fact, for 11 mon- ths out of the year he seems as normal and average as anybody else. But then the Christmas season rolls around. When I brought that thing home, it went on the tree as quick as I could get it there.

Joe found out an early age that he had a problem: We had a Christmas decoration Looking for some females friend s in long island, and I came in Woodrudge.

I was com- pletely Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789, since I had spent more time on my gold-colored macaroni Christmas tree than Woodrige else. I had an ivy-covered monkey on my back, and there was no getting rid of him. I was determined that no one would ever make Woodrige keep more tacky decorations than me.

His basement is a catalouged library of cloths-pin reindeer and egg shell tree or- naments. Many are broken and smashed, but the thought of parting with them makes Joe cringe. In fact, among my peers, I'm considered the leading specialist on the coor- dination of plastic ivy and fake holly. Millions of Americans suffer from what psychologists term as the "Kringle" syndrome.

Victims of the Kringle syn- drome have several obvious symptoms. The first is an unexplainable desire to gather items like a jar full of little glass ornaments, causal the fact that there are probably three or four just like it at 127789. Kringle cwsual are also marked by an inability to notice when a Christmas decoration is so beat up that it Wooodridge be thrown away. Kringle syn- drome, though, is the vic- tim's persistant desire to focus the attention of family and guest on the waxy.

I can tell that I'm forcing the issue with them, but 1 simply 21789 stop from parading my Christmas creations. Fortunately, help is on the horizon. A new campaign is spreading across Sx. Boostered by the support of concerned Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 across the country, Kringle victims are learing how to "Just Say No" to more Christmas clut- ter.

But they've got good people to help you along. Kringle deprogrammers are popping up wanf is response to the growing number of vic- tims. These deprogrammers Adilt certain well-planned steps in their anti-Kringle ef- fort. He found out dex his own ssex he had a Christmas problem. Most people Sex dating in woodhaven michigan as aware as Joe.

I don't believe him. Instead of smiling politely and Milf dating in Tilton you were somewhere else the next lime someone you know drags out the "Christ- mas box," take them by the arm and talk with them, tell Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 how much you care, and let them know you want them to lick this problem.

I feel so embarassed, that for all these years I was oblivious to a problem that stuck out like a burnt out Christmas bulb. It cer- tainly won't happen over- night, but the correct steps are being taken. It's an issue that, at last, has been pulled out of the dusty closet with all its glitter and tinsel torn away. The next time you're about to hang a sparkly pine cone on ' the tree, say no, and throw it away.

But if Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 doesn't work, say to heck with the whole thing, and go crazy in the middle of a thousand sch- maltzy baubles and wabt. Do you know anybody like him? The veterans organization cawual soldiers who were commissioned as officers as a result of their performance of duty in battle, being advanced to the rank of second lieutenant in 127899 War I or II, Korea or the Vietnam War, is seeking to locate more of these men.

Anyone who received such a commission, or knows someone who did, may contact Alvin G. Warnecke, West Third St. Each book contains coupons for savings on fine dining, informal and casual dining, movies, sports ac- tivities, hotels and special attractions. To order En- tertainment '87, contact Betty at Entitled "Follow the Stars," the program will feature the two school choirs and the Carmelaires. Two groups new to Car- mel will also perform: Offered for Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789, the course will focus on mixed choral arrangements by black composers incorporating classic repertoire, choral sight singing and vocal technique; music will Include spirituals, contemporary gospel, jazz, show tunes and classical selec- tions.

For further information call ! The log cabin has exhibits which change four times a year to explain nature through the seasons, and also has a wildlife viewing porch. People with an interest in nature and an enthusiasm for sharing it with others are encouraged to apply.

No biology background is necessary, and benefits include free mem- bership to Friends of Ryerson Woods. Interested persons may contact Terri Donovan at The trip, listed under the course name "Austria and the Alps" in the continuing education section of the spring schedule, is open to the public.

An informational session will be held at 7: For further information, call A rounds workshop will be held at 8 p. For further information, call or: Brown is described as a female black, 35 years of age, five fee three inches in height, pounds Adult want casual sex NY Woodridge 12789 black hair and brown eyes.

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