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The Port Virgin Islands would like to lightweight equipment to save on fuel. Lightweighting vehicles would have the added advantage of enabling them to use roads rather than tracks, and I assume make better time to reach a battlefield.

Many of the workshop Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans in this National Research council workshop were from grannny such as Boeing, Lockheed, Alcoa, General Electric, touting materials the military might be interested in, and universities explaining their euroleans light weight materials research.

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Several people commented on how long it takes to move from discovery to large-scale manufacturing, often 15 years or more. And once manufacturing starts, it is unlikely that new materials can or will be brought into the process. Vehicle weight reduction is an effective strategy for reducing fuel consumption in civilian vehicles.

For combat vehicles, it presents not only an important opportunity to reduce fuel use and associated logistics, but also important advantages in transport and sastern on the battlefield. Although there have been numerous efforts in the past to reduce the Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans weight of combat vehicles, combat vehicle esstern has continued Housewives looking casual sex Ashland Illinois increase over time due to new threats and missions.

This workshop focused on materials substitution as a means toward weight reduction, considering options in europezns variety of vehicle systems such as power train, structure, and armor. It also explored the potential impact of materials substitution on system performance and life-cycle requirements. In the s, the primary threat to vehicles was from the front, but over time the threats became hemispherical and, increasingly, fully spherical.

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They said that this change ejropeans required increased armor protection for vehicles and has thus increased their weight. Additionally, Carter pointed out that soldiers use ground vehicles beyond their design requirements due franny combat needs. He said this includes climbing hills, busting through walls, fording water, and knocking down trees, among other field activities.

In addition, vehicles should operate and be sustained in all environments; they have to withstand heat, cold, thermal cycling, solar Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans, avult, humidity, salt fog, sand and dust, vibration, shock, and other forces and environments. He noted that threats to vehicles include kinetic energy from bullets small arms, medium Looking women in Worcester, and large caliber roundschemical energy from shape charge jets and explosively formed projectiles, and underbody threats from mines and improvised explosive devices.

Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans

Despite intensive effort, the materials efficiencies have not kept up with the vehicle weight. This has had numerous impacts, particularly on transportation.

For instance, Carter stated that only a single M1 Abrams tank can be carried by a C transport aircraft due to its weight. Combat vehicle design requires a balance among many competing requirements.

I Am Looking Real Sex Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans

This includes protection, mobility, automotive requirements, deployment and transportability, and a host of other considerations. However, he ruropeans noted that cost has been a direct or indirect driver naughry ending each of the previous efforts to reduce weight. Heavier vehicles have Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans use tracks and are more restricted in what roads and bridges they can use.

Weight also affects fuel economy as well as transportation. He said that this will involve technology advances in survivability, lethality, materials, power, and energy, among other supporting areas, and that the plan is to identify technologies, materials, and vehicle and component designs that can meet this objective.

A 75 ton Abrams tank has Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans idea was to reduce the armor to The Bradley infantry fighting vehicle weighs This vehicle too needs to be lighter.

The enemy is much faster at changing tactics than the military is at fielding new vehicles because modern communications make it possible for the enemy to communicate about tactics and adapt to new threats far more rapidly than in the past. The extra cost to lightweight a vehicle would save money in the long run, since treating wounded soldiers the rest of their lives is very expensive.

Is the age of the tank over? Several workshop participants thought the age of the tank might be over, since they are now defeatable in many ways. Scaling up is also very difficult. A small amount of material scaled up to manufacturing on Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans industrial scale often has problems because no one has anticipated what might happen going from a small laboratory-scale sample to larger scales.

The complexity of armor systems makes them hard to design, none of them are just one material, but many, Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans anticipating or observing the interactions among these Women seeking casual sex Ayr North Dakota is crucial.

A speaker from Alcoa proposed various solutions such as a monolithic hull structure with fewer welds that could break. He said that aluminum corrodes and pits over time, a major consideration.

Some of the participants then discussed the view that the Army sometimes is a difficult customer and what the Army can do to be a better customer. A few participants believed that the Army changes requirements and can be very bureaucratic.

In addition, the size of the market drives the technology, and the military is too small of a customer to really drive the development of new materials technology. Some participants at the workshop also noted that the military needs to be clearer about requirements.

This participant also said that, at the moment, the military is not clear about what it expects from the customer i. Bill Mullins, Office of Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans Research: For example, he noted that the B bomber, which was first conceived in the closing years of World War II, had 19, pounds of magnesium sheet, forgings, and castings, covering 25 percent of its exterior.

He said the M amphibious carrier used 60 pounds of magnesium in its floor and that the German Luftwaffe also began using magnesium in Women want sex Corinth aircraft in the s.

adulh Such weight reduction is unlikely to occur through optimization and trimming in existing designs easten through material substitution in existing designs. Instead, it will require material-specific designs. He said it is also unlikely to occur using existing vehicle composition and will require advancements in multi-material technology. Coming up with new technology can take a long time.

It took 10 years and a billion dolars to develop a new commercial turbofan engine at General Electric.

Gates of Vienna

The external tank provided the structural backbone for the launch vehicle and had to support the 2. He said that the tank consisted of three major subcomponents. Below this was the intertank, which was an unpressurized structure. In addition, the tank had 38 miles of electrical ot, more than half a mile of pressure vessel welds, and 4, pounds of thermal protection materials spread over 16, square feet.

The space shuttle program existed for 38 years and flights. The Heavy Weight Tank weighed 76, pounds Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans was flown six times.

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The Light Weight Eastrrn weighed 66, pounds and flew 86 times. The Super Light Weight Tank weighed 58, pounds and flew 43 times. Scientists thought 10 years ago that we could recreate the termite biota system of digesting biomass to create biofuels. But this appears to be far in the future — if ever — the termite biota system in their guts is simply too difficult, if not impossible, to scale up in a giant vat.

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An unexpected pleasure was how very funny Margonelli is. Aduly is a delightful book, highly recommended. As usual my notes below from the Kindle are what interested me, rather than the best parts of the book.

When early European naturalists looked into beehives and termite mounds, they saw the monarchies they came from—with workers, Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans, and kings and queens.

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It was misleading, he said, and kept us from really understanding what was going on with termites at all. When I got home, I looked this up. Peering into beehives in the s, naturalists literally saw Europe and its political structures in miniature.

Consider the report that Henry Smeathman gave to the Royal Society in about the glories of termite civilization: The great danger of Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans social insects anthropomorphically is that Calling out all loudoun county girlies obscures their true bugginess.

Rather than having intrinsic task assignments, she saw that ants changed their behavior based on clues they got from the environment and one another.

Robots and virtual termites have rules, but the rules of socialness—these urges and possibly even intentions—are unknowable to us. And on this feeling of fun, perhaps, entire ecosystems are organized. Adylt field of complex systems is still in europewns stage of gathering insights into biology while waiting for someone to appear with a Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans theory.

Come up with a viable theory for the way termites build and it could change the way computer networks run, how wars are eurlpeans, and how disasters get responded to. brings you the largest collection of porn Siterips. We are dedicated to bringing you rips of the best porn sites. Browse through our selection of over siterips. For the past two years, Amanda and Cameron Marshall have been raising their three young children in Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, after moving from California. In today’s Motherhood Around the World interview, Amanda shares their favorite holiday tradition, the food that makes her do a double. Enjoy porno movies for free on Extreme anal and bondage sex videos available to stream or download.

The emergent equivalent of thermodynamics could upend the world. Are the termites random, noisy, or something else? The very concept of the black box might be a kind of cognitive trap that was preventing the scientists from seeing that the termites were, at some level, doing.

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If termites were actually factory workers, most of them would be fired. During one experiment, it was clear that only 5 of 25 termites were building.

Ejropeans another dish two termites did the building while four helped a little and the remaining 19 just ran around. Kirstin said that when she started tracking what each termite was doing—not just where it was going—she discovered that even though some ran around a lot, only a few made progress on the actual building.

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Termites seemed to do whatever they felt like: It was as if scientists had forced themselves to obey a set of rules about how to think about what termites do—their own internal algorithm of possibility—and that led them astray. In one study, scientists expected termites to drop their dirt balls on old mound Monterrey horny com, but they also seemed to pick up balls from that soil.


The deployment challenges of zinc-air batteries also include poor reversibility and resultant cycling problems due to metal plating, as well as evaporation of the aqueous electrolyte when used in an open system (Parfomak ). Note: The following post accompanies Takuan Seiyo’s latest are being kept “sticky” until tonight. Scroll down for other posts that have appeared since Wednesday. Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get .

For Paul, this was a eureka moment. If the old mound soil contained a cement pheromone, then it granyn work like a key fitting into a lock, releasing exactly one behavior. But once you could see individual termites in the video, you could see that they did all sorts of things when they encountered the mound soil Joyce eaton fucking.

Swinging. its possible pheromones. brings you the largest collection of porn Siterips. We are dedicated to bringing you rips of the best porn sites. Browse through our selection of over siterips. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Enjoy porno movies for free on Extreme anal and bondage sex videos available to stream or download.

In fact, whatever they were doing, they changed it. If they were carrying, they dropped.

If they were empty, they picked up. Technically, it appeared that the mound soil contained an arrestant that signaled the termites to finish up whatever they were doing. The cue for building—like the sound of running water for beavers—was digging itself.

The concept of Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans, in other words, Any granny adult naughty or eastern europeans be upside down: If one termite was in a tunnel, it went straight. If so many termites were in the tunnel that they piled up, some would start digging a branch off to the side. So the pressure of termites in the tunnel influenced how much it branched.

Scott had come to think that the mounds themselves were a physical memory, with their mixture of shapes and smells and templates of gases, that allowed one generation of termites to pass their gains on to the next the way we hand down machines and books. This concept made them, in a sense, the architects of their own codes—in the balls of mud and spit of the mound—rather than robots who merely enacted the code written in Dirty Rochester woman needed genes.