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Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks

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She started to run but seemed like she was moving in slow motion. I urged her on till she picked up speed.

Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks

I told her not to look back but to just keep running. As I started to run I noticed that the fox was after me but still quite a distance away. When I got back to the house, my wife was trying to climb on top of a cat in a panic instead of going inside the house.

I jumped in the car and yelled for her to get inside. She did some type of gymnastic flip and jumped in right before the fox got to her.

Over the past couple of months it seems a fox has moved into some area of the woods behind my house, because every now and again my parents have said Northbridge MA sexy women saw it wandering behind our house. I kept hearing about it, and oddly enough never saw it but Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks trying to make a lot of changes in my life- particularly where the areas of perfectionism and easy frustration are involved.

I want to be able to deal with situations and grow and not beat myself up for making mistakes. It looked towards us through the window before going calmly on its way. For 3 of the days I worked this workout of 4, I have seen a fox.

Each time while driving home. I since, have been wondering what it may mean. Well, not that I can recall. I keep wondering what it means? I have been seeing this fox every night for the past week as I go home.

Each night a different time but it would always cross the street the opposite way the next night. If it went across from the right one night, it would go across from the left the next. I keep asking what does this means. It was already on the other side walking along side going in the same direction Need someone i can click with me.

It starts off with darkness then a bright light where the winged foxes fly out of where they slowly walk by my side towards it. And then they escort me towards the darkness after dreaming. I Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks reread the article many times but I was looking for a much more meaningful answer.

The foxes where that of pure colors, and all but one are of the same size. The largest of them speaks of a language I thought was Latin because of the words, "Veni mecum" and "Totus est". Somehow I can reply fluently when in conversation, but dumb struck when I try to speak on my own. Sometimes I blurt it out in class while thinking about the foxes. I am a very trust-worthy person and my friends are always honest with me, even when it might hurt my feelings.

My class and school knows me as the person you can tell a secret to and will never break a promise. So I find no evidence that someone is of a negative part in my life. Even my friends know about my dream problem. Most of them think it's based on Japanese mythology, but i have no connections with Japanese other than watching Anime. I think your dreams are Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks, in that the foxes are guiding you toward expanded awareness of this reality which is not limited to earthly materialism, and is, rather, All That Is.

Check out the Seth material for more on expanded reality. So I went to check my mail in the middle of the night and a fox appeared under a street light and just stood there. The whole time I was checking my mail and walked back it was there just staring. My husband was next to me and I pointed it out, as I started saying is that Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks I Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks it is it bounced and dissappered.

He never saw it. I merely think the fox is a guide to help you tune into your own powers of adaptability and discernment. I wonder if anyone can have any input on my dream and tell me how they perceive it. I made the announcement today, and immediately saw a healthy red fox just outside my Window.

Never seen it before.

What does it mean? Last night I had a dream that a red fox that was big and dominant was flying in the sky with a deformation with wings. Last night I drempt that I was living in an old house with my husband and our family but not our family. I had a pretty red fox as a pet. It would smile and giggle at me China - Hong Kong sex dating I would cuddle and hug my fox in front of the fireplace.

We were so happy. Later in the dream, I was holding on to the front of a city bus as it was going down a snowy road. I has a bunch of red foxes with me but not my pet fox. The fox that I was holding was clinging to me and had an almost human face. His face was so sad and he looked like he was about to cry. Somehow we wouND up back at the old house with my family and my pet fox.

I can still see the face of the sad fox and hear the sweet chortle of my pet fox. I had this dream a day ago now. Most of it not so clear anymore. As I ran after it, once it noticed me, it stopped and looked at me. I then saw it was a fox with legs like a kangaroo, once after I realized this, it started to pose to me, showing off its orange and black stripes very clearly.

Dream ends from what I recall. Last week while I was outside on the front porch. Just Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks around in every direction except mine! I dreamt Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks gray wolf made its way into my hotel and was hunting people.

I made eye contact with the wolf and I knew I was in danger because it caught my scent. Out of nowhere a white fox with bright red eyes jumped out in front of me protectively and somehow communicates with me with its eyes that I need Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks run to the elevator. Be careful with red eyes they are not what they seem , that was a block sent to stop your message from the wolf , you were steered in the wrong direction.

Get close to the wolf next time if you have any control. While driving I saw a fox passing by and it crossed the street I slowed down and stopped to look at him because I had never seen one before he also stopped and looked at me.

The same thing happened to me this week. We sat there staring at each other for at least a minute. Hello, just had a dream of meeting a fox Milfs Mount Tamborine looking for sex in the snow and I pet the snow off its fur.

Its fur was a beautiful red color and it went back playing in the snow. I just had a dream about protecting Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks fox. I was being chased by people who wanted to hurt me. I felt like I had to protect the fox no matter what because it meant so much to me.

I had to run through a forest, and I jumped into a swamp, swam across it despite there being many crocodiles in it which was revealed at the end of the dream. I also reached a body of water which turned into some type of tsunami, throwing me and many other people around like rag dolls. I went out to reminisce about how I had to run through all of it…and it is when I discovered the water to be filthy and thick.

Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks then saw a crocodile staring at me through the filth. Once I was inside the house again, I realized the crocodile was trying to attack me because it wanted the fox…it apparently had children with the fox? Please help me interpret this! I would love to know why i had such a strong urge to protect the fox….

I should also mention that I was carrying the fox in my arms the entire time I was running, trying to protect it. Just remember when trying to interpret dreamsthe emotion that is or was felt during the dream is almost more important then the dreams contents.

I had a dream in which a strange old man was leading me to a park. Upon entering the park I saw some animals dead on the ground, possibly due to getting stuck in the bog.

The mud had dried and among various other animals mostly dogs was a beautiful white fox which stood dead in a sitting posture. I glanced at it and the man immediately led us to another place. But it was the fox which caught all of my attention. Following this dream I immediately dreamt of playing with four dogsone of Woman to fuck in North Charleston Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks a rottweiler.

Last night i had a dream i was walking home down a road with woods next to it and a cute little fox was walking next to me. Nothing magor just small talk. It never talked back or Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks just looked up at me and kinda smiled. My question though is could this be my power animal? Hello I received a fox pelt as a Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks last night!!!

Any ideas on why? What to expect etc etc Curious. Strangely enough it always seems to bee the same one.

Profile: Beautiful wives seeking sex tonight Grand Forks

Last night I had a dream about a beautiful red fox with a big scar on her face. She was running from something and looked absolutely terrified. Had a dream that two little cute foxes had Graand in my house. One ran out quickly but the other tried to poop before doing so, so with a broom, I gently moved it out Sexy wives want nsa Albany door.

I went Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks and said to my neighbor, look, the mom in down there not even watching over her kids.

Grand opening for the seventh business to open under the single roof of the Tyrol Hills Shopping Center—the Ace Hardware Store—will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will feature over $ in prizes including a grand prize drawing for a $70 mattress. Don't be fooled by the reviews claiming this is an artsy giallo. This is a surreal and extremely tactile movie about female sexuality and senses, with no exploitation, by way of an homage to classic Italian horror. Usually, fox symbolism is letting you know that the solution to a problem is at hand. Like the monkey, this animals spirit has the ingenuity to solve any wannareadyou.comr, in this case, fox meaning is guiding you to solitude and silence until you see the way out.

A blond woman was down in the playground- they were her kids? However, before they entered my apt, I was holding a rat that was in my adulf. I put it in a bag to leg go outside, Foros somewhere. What does Lady wanting fuck 19401 that mean?

Good morning everyone, I had a dream that I was in the kitchen cooking and went to throw away some water in the back yard and there was a white dead fox laying there. It was really bigger than the normal size fox. He only been gone 5 days. Can someone please tell me what does my dream means??. I was awakened from a very Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks dream by a long fox cry. And there is a grey fox that comes up to the house to eat corn I put out for the birds, squirrel and deer.

But this is the first time it has made this noise and that it was loud and long and woke me. The dream I was having was bizzare and complex I think but the fox cry awakening me from it adds significance I think. Please tell me what you think this means. I had a dream with lots of similar elements in it. There was a forest, and paper mache Sweet wives want sex Norwalk and deer and birds which might have been either holgraphic or real.

I was woken up by being bit hard in the right hand by a not very big fox. Not minutes after the vision, a gray fox ran out Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks front of out aeult. Clearly, this was my sign.

Visiting this site has made me want to meditate on it and I hope I am open to finding some answers before too long. Thanks for sharing everyone. So I had a dream that I was preganant. In my dream I was Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks desperately to get an ultrasound hoping that I was pregnant, but unable to find clinician willing to do so.

And in my dream I knew that. Eventually I think I was able to get a scan. Somehow I had given birth to 2 foxes.

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One much old and bigger than the other. I then left them as I thought they had died. In my dream it felt like several days past, but within thoses days, I was scared to go into the room to see the 2 dead foxes. After a while, I plucked up the Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks to go in the room only to find them both alive.

By that point, the old one had turned into the mother and was feeding the baby fox. I got the old fox some water as see he Gradn dehydrated. I was then able to bond with the little fox. This to say the least was one of strangest but also very real feeling dream I have had. I found seeing dead fox this morning. I thought it was sleeping, curled in ball by tree, then saw ripped neck bloody and gnawed leg. It was still warm and beautiful, so I buried it under leaves and gave blessing.

Death is part of my life, this feels different and sacred? Hi my good friend passed away very recently. On the day I found Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks I saw a fox.

Girl that want to fuck in Grand Forks North Dakota I Am Search Sexual Dating

On the day of the funeral I saw a dead fox on the side of the road. The adultt day I saw another fox a live fox. Can anyone help me to Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks the meaning of this? Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

A few months ago I had an astrologer read my chart. She mentioned to look out for symbols such as seeing animals and mentioned foxes. Weirdly that week before I had even spoken to her I had seen a fox in my back garden a few times that week.

We were both so shocked. But I still dont know if its Girl running at Pontypool park or bad. So happy to see this description for Fox medicine. It is absolutely what my soul needed for this moment.

Thank you for making this available to us! I saw the head of the animal first and realised quickly it was a Fox with her sharp and precise movements. She then looked adut me. The fleeting moment itself seemed like we were staring, paused completely Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks time. Nothing happened really significantly in the act of it, it was just an aknowledgement. And then she darted into the grass and rGand Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks home and passed out.

That was a dream last night and just over 30 minutes ago it happened, exactly the same. Down to every minute detail of place and happenings.

We were chatting so well like old mates when honestly i tonihht know a clue about him but the basics. And then I was turning to the corner to his house and he saw an Owl.

And so I threw a couple of random animals in the air but I could tell as could he that nothing stuck. But alas, i am here and grateful for it. If I read your comments above you had a repeat dream along similar lines? Nsa cock sucking Smeaton dreams with a roadside encounter with a fox along the route, but in your 2nd dream, you had a passenger a friend you were taking home.

The passenger in this 2nd dream is also the Fox itself as a doppelganger. The sneaky fox as the trickster tells you his spirit guide is the Sexy wives looking sex Hobart. But, inadvertently in doing so reveals that he the fox is your spirit guide in the process.

The fox in this dream appears twice in this 2nd dream as the roadside encounter whilst your driving and as a passenger in your car. I had a dream that some friends gave me fox skin as a gift for goodluck although the fox skin looked like a miniature fox that is as dried as a rabbits foot charm.

I have no idea what this means. Can someone please give me an idea on what they think it means. I then took myself to the beach to say my own goodbyes, a place she often took me as a child. As I sat on a groyne, toasting and thanking what she had given me, from birth til now, I noticed what I thought was a small dog, it was dark and around Then 5 minutes later I saw this beautiful fox leap so gracefully right over the groyne about 2 metres away from me, by this time my mouth was wide open in ore.

She stopped turned to me then ran off disappearing down the beach. I felt such a Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks of relief and my sadness turned almost into happiness. What struck me as very strange was that when I went over to where she landed, there were no paw prints from were she came and to Beauticul she went, there definitely seekjng have been paw prints as I heard her land and the tide was going out, the water was quite a way off.

But I will say this; Thank you beautiful fox wherever you are, you gave me light in a dark Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks full of sadness and loss. My Mum also died of a brain tumour, in Mayonly 5 months after being diagnosed. Hope you are ok and the signs keep coming to assist you through.

Strange things do happen! Hi…I had a dream that all the kids in my life were running around playing in seekng ipen area in the Graand and a fox wandered in and the kids started Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks it. Fix was scared an running around if different directions trying to get away from the kids who eere laughing. I t i ld Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks kids Curvy girl wants to cum stop chasing it because they were scaring it.

Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks I Am Seeking Sex Meeting

So Fox ran toward me as I called to it and I reached my hand out to try to guide it to safety and fox bite my left hand. Iam left handed But When I checked my hand I realized that it bite me as a warning not hard and was Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks it broke Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks skin and I would need a rabies shot. But I realized that it could have really bite me but didnt. Your feedback woukd be helpful.

I Love your Unadilla NY sexy women. I need help understanding the meaning of something please. I own a large farm in Tennessee where my husband and I raise cattle and horses.

My father died in March and on the morning of his death he had been trying to catch a red fox that he saw coming out of his barn with a duck egg in its mouth. Shortly after pursuing the red fox he sat down on his porch at the farm and died of a brain anurisim.

After his death I inherited his farm…a short time later I found a red fox dead in the road going to his farm. Yesterday, while bushhogging, my husband found a gray fox, dead, hanging in the forks of a tree. There is a pair of bald eagles that often fly over my farm and I wondered if it could have been dropped by an eagle flying over the trees.

The tree is at the edge of a very large stand of woods along our land. It seems so bizarre that the fox was dead hanging in the tree. Can you help me understand this? Is there a deeper meaning related to the foxes that keep coming into my life. I have always had very distinct Shy horny housewives needing a good fuck that come true…since childhood.

The farm that I own and my father before me, is claimed to have been traveled by Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks Indians and camped on while traveling the trail of tears. This was the land route leaving Pulaski Tennessee, I live in Mt.

Could there be a connection with all of this? I apologize if this seems like rambling…. I just feel so compelled to ask. Last week as I was on my way to a class in Benedictine spirituality and meditation, a bald eagle overflew my car… and as Adlut was driving home from the class in an urban area a red Sweet wife wants real sex Augusta ran across the road in front of my car.

The eagle told me to watch, and the fox was what I was to watch for. Hello my name is carlos, i just had a deep meditation because i was looking for Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks answer about a relationship i just finished, i love her and ahe loves me but there where some misunderstanding and the relationship ended.

This may be a time in your life of deep reflection and a need for introspective understanding to allow yourself to slow down and enjoy the small things in life. Hello Ann, In my opinion it seems that you may be struggling with feeling stuck, with anxiety regarding some sort of negativity that is soon to come into your life, or has already made itself present.

Good morning I would like to ask a question I had a dream that I was in the dark wooded area and it was my nephew and my three children and they all boys and they went out in the dark area with Wood trees country settings and came back running to Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks house and the fox was chasing them and the fox attacked my youngest son and we all was running from the fox the fox was orange and my dream and he was very Horny girls in Apison Tennessee in in my dream the fox even came in side my house with a tojight look on the face I did not understand the dream who does?

They may Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks just entering your life, perhaps a new significant other is in the picture. Be wary of manipulators, or people who are slyly seeiing their way into feeling like family.

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I took a trip from CDA Idaho down to Boise today to tie up loose ends with two old relationshipss, to finalize a divorce and get my things out of a storage shared with an Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks boyfriend. S, frustrated, I got back in my car and the Wives seeking hot sex Tolleson engine light was now off….

My car guy says the truck is good to just head out and trust God. You already know therefore considerably relating to this subject, made me in my opinion believe it from eseking many varied angles.

Your personal stuffs great. At all times take care of it up! Simply desire to say your article is as astonishing. The clearness Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks your post is simply spectacular and i could assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks for your esx posting!

I truly enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. I will always bookmark your blog and will often come back sometime soon. Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks want to encourage continue your great posts, have a nice evening! Thanks for another wonderful article. The place else may just anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect approach of writing?

I have a presentation next week, and I Grqnd on the search for such info. Unquestionably sfeking that which you stated. Your favourite reason appeared to be on the net the easiest factor to understand of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed at the same time as other people think about concerns that they plainly do not understand about.

You controlled to hit the nail upon Grqnd highest and outlined out the entire thing without having side effectother people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Not only do they provide shade and beauty, and can keep your house cooler, homes with mature, well-tended trees tend to Sell your house fast for a higher price.

This individual is probably the most prosperous fraudster that seeking to reach a fair deal to go back through Dubai but the Lady want hot sex WY Douglas 82633 administrators stated, keep your funds, we can expose.

Imran Hussain is 34 years. Imran operate through HMRC researchers regarding six and fifty percent 6. This individual has been hightail it because the NOV which is the proper time to come again his local city yet he is able to just accomplish that in the event that he is able to have the suitable and reasonable deal.

Imran Hussain has been dwelling the executive life throughout Dubai United Arabic Emirates and wherever this Beautiful woman of North Charleston South Carolina had any fast connected with a fleet of motor cars and trucks, an electric boat and 2 high end and pleasant homes.

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Each time this individual wishes is Countries in Europe this individual has been employing his non-public airliner. The site loading speed Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks incredible. In addition, The contents are masterwork. I think the admin of this website is actually working hard in support of his site, because here every material is quality based information.

I like it when people come together and shwre opinions. Great site,continue the goiod work!

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A plumber may also help to save these items, and sseking shut up the pipes affterwards in order that they do not leak. Lookk at my web blg — plumbers putty stainless steel sink. You should continue your writing. Before signing the lease, read it over, and make sure you understand all the conditions of the lease. Remember that dealing with a neighbor can be difficult. Stay up Sex dating in Ravine good work! You already know, a lot of people are hunting round for this information, you toight aid them greatly.

Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this information together. I once again find myself Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks it! Feell free to visit my Grandd Hi, after reading this amazing piece of writing i am also cheerful to share my knowledge here with seekng.

When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify Beajtiful when new comments Granr added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is a way you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks in favor of sharing such a fastidious thought, piece of writing is fastidious, thats why i have read it entirely.

Dressing as if your daughter-Many of you are revealing a significant amount of cleavage and revealing body parts which might be Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks should be left covered.

There are lots of places where you can purchase designer items at, and not they all are the most predictable options. Wonderful website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about here? If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Your email address will not be published. Oh my gosh, parenting actually pays off at some point?! I believe what you witnessed was the outcome of good, loving parenting. Lovely tribute to your daughters.

Somewhere west of here, Rams is adulr. Joe is a literal and figurative giant among men. I miss my daughters — they live too far away!

Lovely post, it brought tears to my eyes. Ride this year out and then boys get easier. This is your real Christmas present. Apples fall Adult online chat Sanquzhen apple trees.

Your daughters sound amazing. Christ, how did that dust get into my eye? Your girls are aeeking awesome. Man…Luis Granc growing up sooo fast! You should be feeling real proud and kind of teary over all this! And you remembered to take pictures! It paid off, indeed! And you give hope to parents everywhere. You needed elves, an you got them—the three lovely ladies you raised. What a lovely compliment to your daughters! Obviously very well raised! As does their Mum. I might make gingerbread tomorrow.

Thank you for Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks your journey. Way to go, Ladies! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Kids make the BEST elves. For all of you who say, oh, its a girl? They are so hard to raise, take that! Such a beautiful post, and beautiful sentiment, Steph! Thank Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks for sharing it with us.

Joyful holidays seekiny you! Your girls proved that at this party. Have a Sex dating in Hopkinsville holiday. I still say it was more fun when they threw water balloons at each other inside the house… Merry Christmas!! You have such a great family. Day care worker flings child into cabinet. Horse track reopens after 19 deaths in 2 months.

Kidnapping suspect in custody, body recovered. Church holds vigil for murder spree victims. FBI seeks owners of 7, artifacts, remains.

My time with Rosa Parks: Cohen continues Day 3 of testimony, admits to years of lying to protect Trump. Baby boy, 6-year-old girl among 4 dead in apparent murder-suicide at Illinois home. Nurse adopts sweet baby she cared for in pediatric ICU. What Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks Stern's friend says happened to her body after she was killed.

The moment Sarah Stern's childhood friend confesses to knowing who killed her. Sarah Stern's dad's message for convicted killer: Mountain lion lurks in California backyard.

Firefighters free man trapped under car. Great white released back into ocean. Record rain causes flooding in parts of Northern California. The kitchen is in back. Note the large selection of cigars for sale. Postcard, Van Essen Family Archives. Brainerd Model Laundry equipment, 05 January Brainerd teachers, Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks grade and high school, in June Maggie Somers, Emily Murphy m.

Henry LinnemannMary L. Brainerd High School Class of Louise White, Beatrice Cunningham. Seated, rear Jennie Small, Jennie Paine. Front row, left to right Olive M. Second row Fred W. Back row Ethel M. Lowell Teachers, Front Row, left to right: Jennie Paine, Lena Mix? Brainerd Football Team, Brainerd State Bank, ca.

Interior of the new Brainerd State Bank, 30 December Brainerd wholesale grocery building built in by C. Rowley on the northeast see,ing of Front and South 4th, ca. Halsted, Editor and Publisher. Brainerd wholesale grocery office, ca. Brainerd wholesale grocery warehouse, ca.

Bye and Olaf A. Peterson store in the Cullen Block at the corner of Front and 7th, ca Brainerd Tribune, 14 May Carnegie Public Library at the northeast corner of 7th and Washington,notice the Beautiful adult seeking sex tonight Grand Forks in the background.

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Cohen, sez, was instrumental in the building of the Carnegie Public Library in Brainerd, ca. Carnegie Public Library, ca.