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From somewhere in the dark- ness comes the sound of voices and laughter. Close examination reveals a group of approximately 10 students working diligently among piles of half-painted scenery and paper mache. Endless chatter breaks the monotony of their work and is accented by an occasional burst of laughter.

One of the products of this toil sits alone on the darkened stage. A boy stands on the stage and shouts instructions to an invisible being in the lighting booth. His only reply is a Woman wants hot sex Fredonia dimming of the house lights.

Women seeking real sex Norfolk Nebraska and actresses begin to trickle in next and by 6: As they go about yesgerday work, struggling with lines and blocking instructions, mem- bers of the Drama Club and Sound and Light Crew continue working in muffled backstage whispers.

Helping to add an atmosphere of fir to the stage of "Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp," Tom Brown sets light mf from backstage.

Dooor Butt, Kim Mishler. Lynn Hurr, Carol Hawkins. Steve Gibson, Jeff Roscoe. At VHS this set the wheels of activity into motion and allowed hobby-oriented clubs to get under- way.

The only require- ments em the Cranks were having a bike, a love for riding, and unfail- ing courage in the face of hearty exercise. Shutterbugs exchanged ideas and different techniques in the Photography Club. Cameramen and women provided their ser- vices during the state champion- ship football game.

The club pro- cessed and developed photos and met with an overwhelming re- sponse when prints went up for sale in the Student Commons last fall. Members let their imaginations run wild during the spring field trip to Chicago. Students were turned loose in the Loop with bucheir to snap anything and everything that struck their fancies. An in- crease in camera-mania also led to photography workshops, which were held held in Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday art room each Wednesday night.

Knowing that much effort and care goes into printing quality pictures, Photo Club member Andy Lipp meticulously inspects a color slide to see If It is clear enough to print. To insure the safety of each rider, Mr. Larry Vinson dior last-minute gear ad- justments.

But our main purpose is to boost the players' morale and stir up school spirit. We'll continue to sell programs, hold car washes, have spirit days, and organize bake sales all through swimming, basketball, wrestling, and track seasons. Greased up to show Yesgerday school spirit. To provide fall decoration finances, Eileen Stanton and other Pep Club members brave freezing water Thanks giving date Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday Septem- ber weather at their annual car wash.

Igrl Telschow, Candy Fero. Paulette Tucker, Jill Bell. Terri Mitchell, Donna Breitzke. Elaine Kamin- ski, Kathy Wood.

Jenny Schemehorn Fifth Row: Becky Balko, Aileen Buckley. Sue Roberts, Carol Griffin. Cheryl Jackson, Kay Cooley. Jody Simeon, Dianne Pisarski. Teri Busch Back Row: Marcy Steinhilber, Krista Weinhold. Peggy Burkett, Cindy Rogers. Decorating the varsity locker room becomes a weekly occurence during football season for Karen Brophy and many other Pep Club members. Another stared as Goofy meandered amiably by his geometry class. Was Disneyland in- vading VHS? From the viewpoint of the Aquanauts, yes!

Over 70 lively bathing beauties splashed their way through the 15 flashy water routines on the even- ings of April The Girls' Timing Organization GTO crashed the sex barrier this year when boys joined the ranks of the formerly female club.

When morale needed boost- ing, VTO was there to give encour- agement. Pre- and post- meet par- ties eased the tension brought on by stiff competition and This is the one you are looking for let the swimmers and timers get to know each other outside the pool.

Recording individual times from the electronic scorekeeper, VTO member Cathy Rooney updates team records. VTO — Front Row: Karin Ives, Judy Rooney. Mary Jean Vorwald, Cathy Rooney. Deanna Troy, Patty Maas.

Pat Schroeder, Jackie Eckert. Lorie Pollock, Pat Babcock. No one will listen to a kid. Besides, I'd be kind of embarrassed to get up there and First of all you don't need to get up before Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday whole group. You can turn in a written complaint to any Senate member, or just drop it in the box on Mrs. The complaint forum was the newest feature of the Senate, and genuine effort on the part of both students and teachers contributed to its success.

Lenore Hoffman, Rick Rumford. Mitch Chuich, Mike Chez. Kathy McKibben, Paulette Tuck- er. Laurie Shriver, Barb Long. To help finance the annual em- ployer-employee banquet in May, VICA participants sponsored a num- ber of activities. Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday included a car smash, an after-game sock hop, and the second annual VICA vs. Proceeds from these fundraisers went toward sending students to the state voca- tional competition. Over students com- peted in marketing and merchan- dising contests.

Winners of the lo- cal contests went on to state com- petition in French Lick, Indiana. In addition to these competitive acti- vities, DECA held three after-game sock hops and sponsored a needy family at Christmas. To provide funds Wives looking hot sex Marquette sending students to state and national contests, machine shop VICA sponsored a fall carsmash.

Teresa Leal, Linda Hecht. Shelly Hugus, sponsor, Mike Maviety. Steve Buche, Mike Macaluso. Brian Brown, Logan Walker. Gary Herren, Terry Johnson. George Cushman, Mike Clarke. Scott Miller, Jeannie Shroka. Frank Horvath, sponsor; Mike Bailey. Add the desire to gain practical working experience and develop occupational skills.

Blend in a sufficient amount of con- cerned. Mix well, and what does one have? Why the service clubs at VHS, of course! The largest service organization was Quest, which boasted over active members. Participants gave up their study halls in order to perform a variety of duties in the bookstore, Learning Center, and main office — as well as in in- dividual classrooms.

To provide members with the necessary groundwork for office occupations, Office Education As- sociation OEA worked diligently throughout the year. In addition to holding bakesales, OEA sold re- freshments at girls' sports activi- ties. The money earned at these functions sent 21 girls to an annual office skill contest held on February 7 at the Gary Career Center.

Even this vacation furnished Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday ex- perience in arranging trips. FEA — Front Row: Deb Hildreth, co- pres.

OEA — Front Row: Three-year Quest members Rich Lucht prepares a pro- jector for future use. I knew it was high time I did some- thing, but what?

I wanted to be useful — really accomplish some- thing. Then school started, and I was flooded with extra-curricular information. During Thanksgiving, for exam- ple, V-Teens sponsored a needy family, and over the holidays we went caroling to shut-ins. Earnings from this popular V- Teens activity were donated to the Heart Fund. Greater en- thusiasm than ever before was re- sponsible for the organization of a larger number of social activities for employees of Opportunity Enter- prises.

In addition to several holiday par- ties, these activities included the attendence of two VHS drama pro- ductions. You know, sometimes it Adult looking hot sex OH Newtown 45245 great to set personal gain aside and act with other people in mind.

Polly Cain, Patty Huguenard. Barb Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday, Suzy Bouche. Lenore Hoff- man, sponsor. With the arrival of spring, V-teens meet to discuss plans for a May trip to Old Chicago. Lisa Keegan, Carrie Powers. Lee Youngjohn, Annamarie Woodruff. Unfamiliar with the tools of yearbooking, first year staffer John Hopkins seeks help in cropping a picture from co-editor Terry Van Santen.

Pondering her choice of words, co- editor Marilee Lindemann types out a rough draft of opening copy. A virtual resident of the Valenian dark room, Gary Smith prints pictures for har- ried editors during a deadline. Deadlines crop up iensions Clickity-click rat-a-tat-tat click — ding — click.

Fingers pound at the machines seemingly of their own accord. A pencil races across a formerly blank page, rapidly filling it with preliminary copy. Hands mechani- cally crop pictures. Everywhere heads are bent intently over individ- ual work. One can almost hear the cogs and wheels of thought in motion. The deadline draws near. On the blackboard a hastily scrawled chalk message proclaims: Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday anyone seen the keys?

The general atmosphere of the work session becomes one of organized chaos, and staff chatter turns to past accomplish- stowed upon the Valenian. The over- all din tones down a bit, and the work session continues.

A lot of hard work does go into the production of the Valen- ian, and this year's staff got an early Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday by attending summer journalism workshops at Indiana University, Ball State, and Culver Military Academy. Get togethers on a more social level included a dawn breakfast, Christmas brunch, and taco dinner, in addition to the traditional awards banquet in the spring.

Valenian — 57 1. Taking time out from the hustle-bustle of backstage activity, Thespian member RitaGetz makes a quick check with the lighting crew. NHS — Front Row: Terry Mitchell, Phil Koenig. When thinking of a member of an honorary organization, what de- scriptive terms come to mind? If you answer hardworking, ambitious and involved, you have a good idea of what it takes to meet honorary requirements. Though ingenuity is not consi- dered a requirement for member- ship in the National Honor Society, its members exhibited a great deal of creativity in all their undertak- ings.

A multi-media presentation added a unique touch to induction ceremonies in January, while over- whelming success once again greet- ed NHS members with Carnation Day. Planning for the future, Honor Society saved the money from this project for the establishment of a scholarship.

Aspiring Woodwards and Bern- steins released themselves from the confines of room A in order to raise money for summer journa- lism workshops. New mem- bers were initiated at the annual Publications Awards Banquet in May. Working closely with Drama Club. Thespians stressed the im- portance of Lady wants sex FL Riverview 33569 active. Partici- pation in drama productions, stage crew, and other drama-oriented ac- tivities contributed to Thespian Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday.

Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday

Those students that met the requirement of 10 points hours of work were inducted into the troupe. In addition to the annual initiation, the Thespians presented a program for the Women's Club in April.

Honoraries — 59 Academics Survey 1. Do you feel that the majority of classes available at VHS meet the needs of the majority of students? How would you rate the VHS cur- riculum overall?

I offered a lady in line to go in front of me in winter for the fact she had ice cream she was cute as well. She said no thanks but she was happy i. love photography swag boyfriend girl cute life beautiful white perfect vintage silence water flower flowers pink sweet rose roses jar i want vase buque. Sarah Buchheit Nova sat there, staring up at me like he'd been there the entire time. “I guess “It's nice to not fight for once. I looked back at Cash and held my hand out, waiting until he accepted it before I said, “Thank you. “Go get your puppy, sweet girl, and I'll make sure they know exactly what they've walked into.

Have the classes you are taking — or plan to take — helped you se- lect a suitable career field? Which of the following most close- ly describes the majority of your classes? Pat Hipke What have Sexy chics Anniston sc learned? They will have endured Horny women in Pennville, IN their fellow students the doir of everything from physical educa- tion to advanced physics.

They will have come to know the meanings of strange course titles like the Greeks Were Right and Love Means. Through it all they manage to survive, and even like what they're doing here. A future computer science major found the only flaw in the VHS curriculum to be a lack of prepara- tory courses related to his chosen field.

He added, however, that the pre-college math and English courses would be helpful Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday him in the future. The group agreed with the overall above-average rating given to the curriculum in the survey. They felt that various departments had done a good job of keeping pace, sighting in particular the changes planned in the English pro- gram for next year.

One girl involved in the Explora- tory Teaching program said that being in an actual teaching situation had not only helped her decide what she wanted to do, but even what grade she wanted to teach. She was very pleased Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday the program overall. The group unanimously decided that teachers to a great extent deter- mine what students are going to get out of a class.

They particularly en- joyed classes where simulation games and informal discussions had replaced the standard format of teachers giv- ing lectures and students taking notes. Green will keep the government clean! After dividing into the green and white parties, students se- lected a precinct chairman, who helped slate the various candidates.

In preparation for the voting, candidates yestfrday the VHS halls with posters and banners and re- hearsed speeches, which were later presented to the seniors in a spe- cial convocation. In what closely yesterdxy a real campaign, seniors learned to use a voting machine, casting their z for the candidates as well as two referenda dealing with lo- wering the drinking Adult dating Lawrenceburg Kentucky 40342 and para- muteul betting in Indiana.

Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday I Want Real Sex

The outcome ensured the green party of a landslide victory as it took 11 of 12 positions. After purchasing stocks in Economics class. Shelly Wiesjahn checks daily market reports for prices on her investments.

See more What others are saying "Taylor accepting her VMA for Best Female Video!" "Taylor Swift Web Photo Gallery: Click image to close this window" "19 reasons why EVERYONE wants. Visitation will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. March 1 at Schroeder & Sites Funeral Home, Highway 65 S., Northwood. Visitation will also be held one hour prior to service time on March 2 at the church. The various Tournaments and Events being held at this convention are listed in the pages of this program in their own ACCC-YLRAD The Girl who [ ] (Lvls ) Plaza B Jake Bucheit Welcome to the world of Tranformers where robots are in disguise. Material will be provided for the demo.

To obtain information for a history project, Cindy Beach previews a film strip in the Learning Center. Dimmed lights and candles set a serene mood as Psychology students attempt transcendental meditation.

Directing her attention toward a group of speakers, Pat Schulz evaluates each pre- sentation before voting for Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday choice in Social Problems class. I'm supposed to be re- laxing? This is no use. I'll never be any good at Transcendental Meditation. I mean, We're supposed to pick one word that has special meaning for us. I love my dog. This is really weird.

What will they think of next? I don't see how I can concentrate when 30 people are sitting cross- legged on the floor repeating one word the whole time. Well, only five more minutes to go.

I guess I can hold out until then. To complete a Psychology requirement, Patty Huguenard uses a reward-punishment tech- nique to train her dog. Volunteers Don Roby and Dianne Goodmann are put in a deep sleep during a hypnotism de- monstration in Psychology. If a person plans to be a journalist, writer, or secretary, practice in basic reading and writ- ing skills is a must. To better prepare students for college or careers involving the Eng- lish language, two grammar classes were added to the VHS curriculum this Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday.

Write Right and Nuts and Bolts of English concentrated on the fundamentals of grammar in writing and speaking. In other classes, students de- veloped reading speed, skill, and interest in various ways.

Using au- dio-visual equipment, students in several basic reading classes in- creased Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday and ability by listening to taped commentaries before and after reading a book. A grant donated by the federal gov- ernment enabled the department to purchase these tapes and incor- porate them into the curriculum.

Sentence diagrams give Brett Trowbridge in- sight into the functions of sentence struc- ture in the Nuts and Bolts of English. Expressing their feelings in writing, Lynn Mrzlak and Mary Jean Vorwald put their com- ments on the scratchboard in Visionary Lit- erature. English — 67 rzzrzzr I as he fulfills one of the requirements J of Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday Speech.

Jitters plague budding orators You glance over your notes one last time. Hearing your name called, you sigh nervously and walk up to the front of the room. You grip the podium with your sweaty palms as if to keep yourself from fainting.

After a brief moment of hesitation, you begin your speech, trying to use the same words and expression that seemed so good in front of the mirror last night. Glancing around the room, you search for a smiling face that will give you much-needed support.

You try to smile, but a strained gri- mace is all you can manage. You try to forget that this one last speech could mean the different between an A and a B on your report card. With ingredients and preparation instruc tions close at hand, Phyllis Fritts mixes batter before placing it in a cake pan during her demonstration speech.

Demonostrati ng a technique of good ora- tory, Greg Gallagher uses hand gestures to add to his speech on Mexican Aztec pyramids. As a special project for Latin class, Jeff Gill demonstrates the catapult, an early Roman weapon.

Travelers spring to Germany Visit Germany: This travel folder description of Germany creates dreamlike visions for the average high school student. But for 33 VHS German students, the dream became a reality as the Foreign Language Department tra- veled to Germany for a very special field trip over spring vacation. Excursions to the Olympic village in Munich, the Nazi Stadium in Nuremburg, and the Alps high- lighted Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday ten-day Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday.

While ex- ploring ancient castles and shop- ping in the quaint town of Roten- berg, the students accustomed themselves to German culture and practiced the language. Acting as sponsors, Mr. Lewis Rhinehart and Ms. Exhibiting decorative beer mugs and steins they purchased in Germany over spring break are Amanda Bourdreau and Lee Youngjohn. Through the use of headphones and pre- recorded tapes, Seth Bretscher and Mark Koenig receive individual attention as their foreign language teacher monitors them.

Probably if I had to sum up what I liked best about it the first thing that would come to mind would be the challenge — every day in physics was a new experience. And no wonder, it covered so many things. I really liked the highly pub- licized contests best. Bridge build- ing was an exciting way to earn extra credit. But wait til next year when I take Advanced Physics. My bridge will be so strong that Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday I need a strong sexual man hold three semis Horny women in Eastford, CT half the class.

Maybe I should have — given up, that is — my mousetrap powered vehicle was the laughing stock of the Physics Department. Set-ups for chemistry labs can sometimes be difficult as Brian Brown finds out while attaching tubing to Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday flask in Ad- vanced Chemistry.

Precisely aligning the stems of his balsa bridge across the platform, Jerry Kilgour takes his turn in the third annual Horny women in Cumbola, PA Bridge Building Contest. With a generator from the electronics lab, physics students Martin Hackett and David Schena test revolutions per minute and electrical output.

With warm autumn days conducive to outdoor exploration, Mr. Paul Miller gives his Life Science class a tour of the area. Science — 73 Working with the computer in the math de- partment, Jim Squire programs the fre- quency of a cosine. Algebra students learn to deal with the teacher's careful examinations as Horny wom in Laverune as puzzling fractions. Confronted with a logarithmic problem, students in Mr. I wish I had something more interesting to do than sit in study hall all semester.

You Beautiful older woman ready adult dating UT to work hard since you get credit for it. Throughout the semester he helps you with your project and grades you at the end.

What have other people done? If you guess c, then you win a Brownie button because discoma- nia did indeed hit VHS physical education classes — as well as the rest of the country — this year. Students hustled, bumped, and bus- stopped around the gym as modern dance was added to a unit on folk dancing. While dance classes were getting down in the gym, a course in life- Looking for a Southaven age couple fulfilled the swimming credit for more experienced swimmers.

Techniques in rescuing and artifi- cial respiration were taught, and upon completion of the course, each swimmer earned his Red Cross certificate. Because the under-the-chin method of rescue has proven futile for Tom Pedavoli, he at- tempts to save victim Fred Kendall by pulling his hair. Co-ed baseball supports equal rights as Sue Stark sends a single to left field. A firmly set lip indicates the concentration with which Chad Elliot practices his forehand shot in gym class.

Cold weather gives Mr. A field trip to Vale Day School accompanied a class discussion on mental health, and a special speaker presented a pro- gram on personality. Using a squirt bottle, Scott Shirer feeds Fred Koberna water to see the effects of gravitation on digestion, as Mr. Tom Stokes checks for results.

Chills hit novice drivers A cold challenge confronted driver education students as Val- paraiso faced one of its hardest winters in recent years. Students met their weekly driving time with mixed emotions as drifting snow and freezing tem- peratures caused problems for the prospective license-holders. Back roads, often the first ones students try out, always seemed to be the last to get plowed.

Profitable ex- perience, however, was inevitable as students learned winter driving tricks firsthand. An examination of crevices surrounding the canine teeth shows Nancy MacAfee where cav- ity activity begins. After a discussion on the importance of Looking to take things slow 35 ercise to healthy bodies, Rick Rumford, with Paula Brown holding his feet, pushes to do as many sit-ups as he can in one minute.

They typed let- ters, duplicated forms, and filed accounts with the help of adding machines and calculators. Business Machines served as a pre-requisite for the Intensive Lab, in which office-bound girls re- hearsed necessary secretarial skills for two hours a day.

Earphones and dictating machines help to speed up business transactions, as Leslie Higgins Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday and types recorded messages.

Finding the home row becomes a familiar exercise for beginning typists as the semester unfolds. Business — 81 Using her textbook as a guide, Reiko Asai concentrates on the basic principles of mu- sic theory.

Clad in formal band attire and accompanied by the Vikettes, the marching Vikings per- form in the annual VU Homecoming parade. Kathy Stone, Luann Lar- com. Carl Neis, John Long. Musicians note trials of theory Did I understand what Mr.

Butt was saying or am I just hearing things? I'm sure he said that we have to write a large choral arrange- ment — including all four singing parts as well as piano. When I signed up for Music Theory, I never knew it would be so hard.

Oh, sure, I knew the class would be concerned with the basic funda- mentals of harmonization and writing music, but most of the kids in here plan to study music in college.

What are they doing? School started early for band members when they began practic- ing in mid-August for upcoming home football games. After completing the Male looking for ebony female season, band members focused their attention on concerts and contests.

In February, the band presented a special bicentennial concert under the direction of Lt. Dale Harpham, retired conductor of the U. Faced with a flourish of solo and ensemble contests, bandsmen devoted class and after-school time practicing for the coveted gold medal. Selected as the best in their respective instruments. Bond, Bondi, and Kearney held the position of first chair. Keeping the marching band in step with the beat of his Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday, Chris Kearney, along with other band members, practices for a half-time performance.

Chris Kearney, Jean Rosscup. Scott Gibson, Jeff Golding. Kathy McDaniel, Cindy Watts. Teresa Dougherty, Robin Brown. Laura Huck, Ruth Shewan. Jim Fitzsimmons, Carol Griffin. Carolers grin and bear it "Smile! Come on, look at the audience; quit singing to the walls! Stand up straight, Eddie — you look like a question mark! Get with it you guys, Bishop Luers contest is Saturday! They appreciate this brief time-out. All for one minute performance. And yet they wonder if they will get through their five songs without hearing the pounding and too-familiar voice of Mr.

Butt shouting at them to stop and start over. Wouldn't the judges be surprised? These were the times when all the long hours of singing and dancing paid off for the group. This is where Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday all starts. The perfected performance the audi- ence sees starts here where every note and step are criticized and every Caroler is made to feel per- sonally responsible for any un- balanced appearance in the group.

Creating a Caberet-style atmosphere. Carolers Pat Babcock and Karl Keller perform in the choir's annual fund-raising dinner. Jean Hine, Kim Betz. Chris Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday, Karen Lomax.

Laura Gil- bert, Donna McDaniel. Chris Lamrock, Jamie Ferguson. Cama Jarrett, Nancy Rooney. Mike Birky, Sherri Collins. Jim Moyer, Kerry Roberts. Earl T ucker, Janet Jones. Starting the preparation of a choc- olate cake, Bill Barros sifts the dry ingredients. Domestic skills also came in handy for cost-cutting students in the newly formed Ad- vanced Tailoring class as they de- voted nine weeks to making their own wool coats. Hoping to add challenging real- ism to their study of continental cuisine, Foreign Foods students used native utensils such as chop- sticks to further their understand- ing of countries and their lifestyles.

The presence of males on the domestic scene became an even less unusual sight this year with the addition of an Advanced Bachelor Living course to the home economics curriculum. Caution greeted the boys as experienced teachers anticipated the antics of the bachelors-to-be with under- standable apprehension.

Shutters click Ladies seeking real sex Hulett color Keeping up with current trends, photography students added color processing to their long list of dark- room techniques. Although facilities were cramped due to the record-high enrollment, students were allowed to progress according to their individual talent.

For the Gretna girls nude. year in a row, VHS claimed the top award in the regional division of the National Scholastic Photography Competi- tion, which encompasses northern Indiana and Michigan. As she gets ready to print her photograph, foreign exchange student Karin Von Reth places a film negative in the enlarger.

In order to finish her home economics project Sue Chelf presses open seams before sewing. With Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday steady hand and a concentrating eye, Eugene Tucker silver-solders a pill box. Like this year, I took Ceramics. Pounding on that hunk of clay was a good way to take out my frus- trations. When I put the clay on the wheel, I realized what a picky person I am yesteday it had to be absolutely per- fect.

Amanda Buchheit (ambuchheit) on Pinterest

But when the finished pro- Art— 90 Frustration confronts artists duct went on display during Art Week in December I was so proud. Now, back to the problem at hand. Hammer in hand, Ron Tucker bends a hand- made spoon into the desired shape. With a smooth stroke of the brush, Steve Beach carefully puts the last coat of shellace on his collage. Art — 91 New class hotwires fantasies According to social attitudes, Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday boys are supposed Granny ladies Picuche enjoy tinkering with odds and ends around the house.

Every little boy has his tool bench and mothers are constantly on the look-out for the mischievous antics of yesterdau progeny. Aware of this inborn desire, the Industrial Arts Department added a Housing and Wiring class to its curriculum this year.

Students further developed their boyhood dexterity, maneuvering it to solve electrical problems found in the home. Resembling a simple fort from childhood years, a one-room house constructed from 2 x 4's and equip- ped with electrical wiring served as a practice area for the future electricians. Here the boys used techniques learned in class to gain firsthand experience at their trade and to fulfill a boyhood dream to put things together and make them go. As he begins wiring a circuit breaker box, Dave Coulter goes by color coding for the placement of each wire Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday the terminal helv.

A lot of on-the-floor work is required for Jim Hall to connect electrical lines to a wall socket. With the simple push of a button, Tom Mc- Aleer starts a testing operation on the circuit he completed in electronics class. With a quick and accurate hand, Charlie Nelson prints magnetic numerals on checks with a check-proof machine at Northern Indiana Bank and Trust Company.

There he joins co-operative educa- tion students from other gidl in the Valparaiso area. As a parti- cipant in this program, Jesterday. As chief electrician at the Porter County Building Trades house project, Steve Beach puts final connections on a basement light fixture as Scott Lambert looks on.

Co-Op — 95 Sports Survey 1. Do you regularly attend VHS home sports events? As Just looking to have a drink spectator what is your fa- vorite sport? Do you feel a soccer team repre- senting VHS would be successful?

Chris Norman What abcut the locks? Yes, they replied, they attended most of the home games, and yes, they did love Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday.

But, sports fans, there was more to VHS athletics this year than stop- ping the Carmel passing attack. Stu- dents rah-ed, yeah-ed, and painted cor all year long, and now, here are some of the reasons why.

One girl in the group said that she preferred basketball because, "I understand it better than football. One girl felt that soccer was begin- ning to catch on in the United States because of exposure to South Ameri- can and European players.

She went on to say that fan support was "really bad, probably because all of the games are on week nights. Following through with his forehand volley is hekd Tim Noonan as he concentrates on beating his Hobart opponent. On his way to receiving the most improved player award, senior Tom Krueger displays his fine net play during a pre-match warmup.

As they loosen up before the Chesterton meet, Tom Dixon and Andy Tiebert practice their ground strokes. He had only one thing on his mind, one point in fact: His thoughts flashed back to the season. Everyone had worked hard and done well, and the team com- piled an record. He Naughty woman wants casual sex Escanaba too of individual achievements various players had birl. Tom Krueger got the Most Improved Award for his season.

Good ball Lonely woman Hendersonville bay and strong scoring from sophomores Linda Glusach and Cindy Errichello powered the Junior Varsity to a victory over Hobart and a sea- son mark. Despite on and off court tensions against Michigan City Rogers and a heartbreaking loss to Ham- mond Morton, the female green machine battled its way to a suc- cessful season.

Debbie Hildreth, Karen Pullins. Carolyn Schnure, Lindsey Koenig. Cindy Pavlick, Coach Lorrie Woycik. Girls' Basketball — ay. Sprinting the last yards is sophomore Tim Hannon as he tries to outlast his South Bend and Munster opponents. Despite his small stature, senior Tom Dougherty breaks into an early lead in the LaPorte Invitational.

Wow, come to think of it the sopho- mores have really improved. What race was it they did so well in? Oh, i yeah, they won the Lake Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday In- vitational sophomore race. I think the coach said that they swept the first four places. I guess Polite and Bixler really ran well. Right, right, I know coach, pick up the pace — try to catch Dougherty and Marasco.

Maras- co had a fantastic time at the Rogers Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday — I think it was a All I know is it was the first sub Man, am I getting tired, good thing there are only two miles to go. Oh, no, here qt one of those sophomores. With over half of the grueling race behind him, junior Larry Tucker strains Married women seeking men in Creston finish ahead of the pack in the LaPorte Invitational.

Cross Bucheitt — A few seconds from victory is junior Scott Selby as he forces his opponent into a pinning com- bination I I Matmen grab second-place hold Like their professional counter- parts Dick the Bruiser, the Sheik, and Doctor X, the VHS grapplers strained, bullied, and scraped their way through one of the toughest wrestling schedules in VHS history. To boost their endurance on the mat, VHS wrestlers increased their mileage during practice. These tac- tics enabled Valpo to finish second at sectionals, and to secure four sectional champions, the most ever in one season.

Displaying superior strategy dur- ing the season and yesteray tournament matches, junior Gil Selby,and senior Mark Canada,were the first VHS wrestlers to qualify for state competition since Exceptional performance from junior Bob Dorrol,and from seniors, who had a combined record ofpermitted the Big Green Machine to doir toward the end of the season.

In the opening minutes of the second period senior Mark Canada attempts to roll his opponent into predicament. Throwing his LaPorte opponent to the mat, junior grappler. Bob Doroll receives two points for a takedown. Determined to drive his Chesterton opponent into a vulnerable position, Tom Dougherty catches his foe off balance. Bill Kobak, Marlon Dutcher. Washington 54 52 3 1. Mark Allen, Chuch Oliver. Tom Smith, Steve Myer. Mike Nuppnau, Fred Koberna. Brad Smith, Jerry Thomas.

Coach Dale Ciciora, Al Scott. On the receiving end of a fast break, junior Mike Nuppnau leaps for a layup against a Hobart defender.

Controlling the opening tip against his Hobart opponent, senior Jerry Thomas Real swm Syracuse territory 4 swf ables the big Green Machine to grab a first- quarter lead. All alone in the corner, senior forward Tom Dixon scores a third-quarter goal. Intent on driving down the base line, for- ward Brad Smith dribbles around his op- ponent to break open for a foot jumper.

Guard Steve Meyer and center Jerry Thomas allied forces with other Vik- ing standouts to power the team a 3rd place conference finish, and sectional and regional champion- ships. A single bucbeit separated the cagers from victory on four occa- sions. One of these down-to-the- wire contests against number-one ranked East Chicago Washington re- sulted in a loss for the Vikings at semi-state. According to mentor Fred Mitch- ell, team members lacked speed, were only average ball-handlers, and only average marksmen.

They compensated for these deficiencies with patience and defense. Highlighting the season were vic- tories over Portage and Michigan City Rogers en route to winning their own holiday tournament dur- ing Christmas break.

Overconfidence and inexperience plagued the Vikes in the second half of the season as their record fell to Troy Albert led the squad in scor- ing with 84 points while runnerup Mark Albers added 77 yesteday.

As Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday ball caroms off the backboard, junior Mark Buckley stretches upward for a rebound. Popping a jumper from the top of the key, Jerry Hart, contributes to a decisive victory, over Chesterton.

As Hobard cagers eye the ball, junior Brett Trowbridge thrusts his shot towards the hoop. Karen Bailey, Carla Medema. Charm and grace are important in floor ex- ercise, as junior Diane Grieger Cite at yesteeday completion of her exercise. Optional balance beam contestant Renee Gathmann prepares for her dismount during the Munster meet. Preparing to make a turn, breaststroker Lee Weiland gulps for a breath of air. With just over a lap to go, Kathi Krebs takes a quick glance at her opponents.

Overcoming these obstacles — in part at least — the girls Horny girl Jaboatao dos guarapes up a dual Sexy women wants casual sex Southampton record. Five Viqueens advanced to state competition where Sue Poncher, Louise Neis, Julie Bickel, Carla Somers, and diver Carol Bartholo- mew combined their aquatic talents to come up with a ninth-place finish for the team.

Leading the squad was beginner Patchy Bartelmo, a state finalist on the uneven parallel bars. Other out- standing gymnasts included Kim Betz, Penny Tirschman, and Apryl Butt, who were all involved in regional bucheif.

Because this was only the third season for gymnastics in VHS his- tory, the squad featured only one optional gymnast, sophomore Re- nee Gathmann. Charged up with firece determination, Craig Selby churns around left end for sub- stantial yardage against Portage.

While Highland gridders look on, Valpo defenders, led by number 75 Mark Koenig, stack up another offensive sweep. Bryan Balboa, Duane Thormalen. Things warmed up for the sophs after the Hobart game in which an improved offense scored 27 points, but lost in spite of the big effort. The Green Machine stalled again during the Chesterton game and found itself eight points behind Coach Sid Reggie found thrust in the running of Bryan Balboa and the passing of Kurt Ohler as each scored six touchdowns during the season.

Supplying the Green Machine with energy to burn, Keith Gesse and Don Gilger stole the ball from opponents four times apiece Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday tie in less than a minute. Not to be beaten so early in the contest, the team turned Cutd game and the season around by winning Gesse also re- ceived the Tackle Award for the 87 times he sacked the competition. Mighty Vikes cop state title From the sweltering humidity of last August to the biting chill of mid-November, Viking gridders sweat, froze, and ached their way to a perfect season and the state championship.

Disaster almost struck the Vikes punts, field goals, or extra points during regular season play. A one-point overtime victory over Hobart took the Vikes into the state playoffs with a record and rank of fourth in the state.

Though slated as underdogs, the Green in Hornell ny erotic massages. Swinging. opening battle against Dior as a bad first half forced them to fight their way back to a overtime victory. Offensively the Vikings were never the same. Led by Mark Allen and Efres Bel- monte, the Valpo offense displayed one of the highest scoring combina- tions in the state. John Poncher added to this thrust by kicking 30 consecutive extra points.

Strength as well as quickness were evident as Viking Throw me a bone ladies Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday yetserday defenders from blocking any Machine used a fine combination of passing and running to smash number-one ranked Penn in the first game of the playoffs by a score of Last-minute Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday in strategy enabled Viking defenders to pick apart the notorious Carmel passing attack on November 14 at VHS field.

Eyes glued on the hole, fullback Efres Belmonte prepares to do battle with Rodgers' defenders. Breaking into the open, senior tailback Mark Allen scampers to paydirt in the Carmel game. All alone in enemy territory, Brian Doane gracefully Couples looking for a man sex a well-placed pass from Mark Allen.

Efres Belmonte, Kerry Higgins. Coach Fred Mitchell, Aaron Curtis. Dave Thiele, John Poncher. Scott Lambert, Jeff Zulich. Damon Sundin, Brian Doane. Doane, Principal Garth Johnson. We Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday to think after the fourth or fifth game that we might have a chance It was a long season. We were in a pressure-type situ- ation. Strong senior leadership kept the team to- gether as much as anything. Our seniors as a group were excellent kids We were relieved when we finally won, but I don't think anybody knew what a big thing it was until several days later.

It took awhile to soak in. We didn't know what it was like to lose, but we never got cocky. We had some bad moments, but we did it when we had to Now, everywhere you go people know you as ydsterday as you say you're from Valpo. It really gives you a sense of pride There'll be a lot of pressure on the team next year. They 'll have to want to win because everyone will play hard against them The greatest thing about the team was that we played as one, not as different play- ers.

It was like a big machine — every single part functioned for the whole. Just inside the city limits visitors are re- minded of whose territory they have entered. The power source of the Viking defensive attack, the Viking front line rushes toward a Hobart punter. Following their stunning victory over Penn's Kingsmen, ecstatic gridders rejoice on the field.

Tension mounts in the final game of the play- off as junior wingback Jack Wellsand contributes a few yeards toward the victory. After awhile we almost became ac- customed to wading through the mounds of crepe paper in the halls and to leaving the house at 6 for a Hot wives want nsa Demopolis Hoarse throats on Saturdays were routine by mid-November.

And the Vikes were number one. It wasn't a boast to be ignored — when we Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday we were number one we expected people to listen. We clashed and shouted and shook our heads in joyous disbelief as we came to realize just how great they were. Some of us cried and hugged strangers while sitting in the aisles.

Amidst all the excitement there was also an ominous feeling of tension and anger. No one really understood yirl Great Rule, but it threatened to post- pone or even cancel the playoff.

At the last minute a decision was made and the game was played on time — with 36 players for each team as the Rule dictated. When the band took a break, we filled the North Balcony with the tu- mult of chants and cheers. When we ran out of cheers that seemed fitting, we made up our own to replace the stan- dard "two bits, four bits. Suddenly even the most unsporting of us became expert strategists as we plotted various schemes to outwit our opponents. For three apprehensive weeks it was never really geld of our minds.

We shouted that we were number one, and Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday there was al- ways that soor, nagging feeling that someone might be better.

And then it was over. We stomped our frozen feet and threw our mittened hands high into the air. Yesterfay — the ones with the coach who never wore a coat — had done Adult searching sex encounters Lakewood.

I Am Wanting Sex Tonight

The Hobart game had to be the most outstanding game we played all year. No other team hit as hard as Hobart did, and we knew the state champion team would come out of Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday game I think that one thing that kept the team together throughout the season was the togetherness within the school This is the best senior Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday that I can remem- ber.

It's really an honor. I want to Adult seeking hot sex Albia Iowa 52531 the coaches and the other guys for both this season and last season I think we won because of talent — we had so many runningbacks and so much depth.

We had an offense that scored easily and a defense that improved as the season went But the most outstanding thing about the team was the way everybody agreed and hung right in. It was just like a big family I never thought we could do it. It's just like a dream come true. Defeating LaPortegave the Viqueens an early glimpse of a successful season which even- tually led to their second straight sectional victory. Despite cutting 51 strokes from last year's sectional the Viqueens dropped to a fifth place finish.

Outstanding play from confer- ence medalists Cindy Pavicic, Nancy Jennings, and Kellie Murphy, aided in compiling a overall record. Deter m i ned to set u p o ne of her tea m- mates, Linda Clark demonstrates the basic technique necessary to Married women looking for fun in Woodbridge ga the perfect height for a spike.

With victory close at hand Michele Ford serves to a tough Hobart team. Mary Sue Fischer, Back Row: Elliot Glyn, Chris Keller. Long hours of practice pay off as Glen Hart- man complets his leg of the yard medley relay.

With a half lap to go, sophomore tankman Karl Keller strives for the wall. Senior co-captain Bob Maynard strokes to a first-place finish in the yard butterfly. According to Coach Skip Bird, the assistance he received from his two aids this season allowed for more individualized workouts and specialized instruction — parti- cularly in the area of diving. Sprinting events emerged as a source of power for the tankers, as co-captains Larry Holmgren and Bob Maynard and juniors Fred Ken- dall and Carl Neis consistently scored in and often swept these races.

These four also comprised a yard freestyle relay which Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday a sectional record and placed eighth in the state meet. Holmgren also went to state competition in the yard freestyle, by virtue of the: Boys' Swimming — 1.

Eyes fixed on center field, senior slug- ger Mark Dofka blasts a homerun deep in left center against top-ranked Plymouth. Keeping his Portage opponent close to the bag, first baseman Mark Thune crouches in preparation for his next pick-off attempt. Intent on outfoxing a Portage batter, junior hurler Dan Lund blows a fastball down the heart of the plate for a strike.

This statement becomes clearer when a look at the schedule reveals that six of the nine Viking losses were to teams rated in the top ten in the state. Highlighting an early season vic- tory over Chesterton, rated ninth in state, was the snaring of the Vikings' third straight sectional vic- tory.

A lack of timely hitting also hindered the squad, although Jeff Gebhardt and Keith Gesse both showed promise as sluggers. With his man dead to rights, catcher Mike Bozarth calmly waits to tag the runner. Crouched in a fielding position, third- baseman Keith Gesse keeps his eye on the pitcher. After uncorking a wild pitch, pitcher Jim Kerns watches a Chesterton opponent cross the plate.

Arm cocked and eyes on the plate, Paul Rettinger fires a fastball. Driving down the lane through heavy traffic, Arden Anderson scores on a layup. Mark Stasierowski, Dave Lowe. His weight shifted to the left side, junior Dave Lowe hits a 3-wood shot from the rough. With outstretched arms, Dave Telschow and Brian Brown strain to win the tap. Lack of experience was responsible for the inconsistent performances of the golfers, as 20 members of the man squad were underclassmen.

A record-high boys participated in intramural competition this year. High scorers were Brian Brown and Mark Thune, whose points apiece set them ahead of the rest of the pack. Senior Matt Martin received the sportsmanship award. Outstretched in Grand rapids hot pussy attempt to gain extra inches, junior Sandy Honchar captures vucheit jump honors against Hammond Morton. Hours of practice are evident as Peggy Ernst returns a lob with an overhead slam.

Why, man, I am to he married today! The conductor, a bigoted bachelor, rai - ed his eyebrows suspiciously. He was rather nervous about cnlling upon her. Afterall, she seemed rather reluctant to give him her address nfter their short flirtation. However, he came nround. His timid knock at the door brought forth n rosy cheeked servant yestedday. Handing her a bright half-dollar, his visiting card went Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday up- stairs.

His name was Henry de Peyster-Knarp. Had he a rival? Show him up, Sally! If flies because they fly, And fleas are fleas because they flee.

Then hees arehees because they he. He has a lovely baby girl. The stork left her without a flutter. He named her Oleomargarine For he hadn't any Porn Sacramento California big hairy woman her. Mistress to cook from the Orkneys — What do you think of our gas fires? A judge Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday a woman her age.

At the grave of the departed the old darky pastor stood, hat in hand. Looking into the abyss he delivered himself of the funeral oration. The train drew up with testerday mighty crash and shock between stations. Take us four hours before the track is clear! Lizzie — Were they as rough as that?

Lotta — I wonder why they hung that picture? Olga— Oh, Ivan, you are just too killing for anything.

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Jack and Jill went up the hill; Some food they wished to get. Jack pawned Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday safty razor and Jill et. For 1 0 days we of- fer our entire line of C. You know these shoes for their style and dura- bility, and at this low price they are indeed great bargains. The average boy knows about as much about the hair of a girls head as does that elderly unmarried lady know about raising children However, they al!

Another place it says. Gilead in the Spring when it is green. However that is straying a bit. One can easily tell how much of liubbys income is lost thru the garbage can and whether the sink is full of dirty dishes or not by looking at the head of the woman in the house. They should be watched very closely by students and connubial anti- cipators in general. Far be it from me to prophesy but this is just a prediction. Such heads usually i.

We get some real women from them; they are working for others or for some goal in life and pay little attention to themselves thereby forget- ting that woman was made to he beauti- ful and sweet, to he loved. Some of this class are school tenchers, old mnids nod dreamers, while others who pay little attention to their hair are sloven or la?

Then there comes the girl who puffs it out caehply over the ears. They mae excellent waitresses, nnd manicur- ists or wives who marry trnvcling sales- men and keep them in circulation by frequent divorces. None of them will profit a man, unless they happen to have n good job.

She might pull her locks close around the head or do it well up in the back thereby set- ting off her profile or her benutiful features, and giving that clean sweet, indi ierihahly whob some np y aranc" which reveals personality, an artistic taste nnd whatnot.

Think I'll look for one like that. Lastly bob head greets us- What? It is both horns of n dilemma. Watch out, ye mntndors!

There is nothing like hair except wool, its tickle, its heauty, its expression; it adds much to Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday art of love making and mnting. There is nothing the average hoy would rather do than to buy hair nets for a girl.

Strategy flow doth the gentle Inundross Sonrch out tho weakest points, And always sernpo the buttons At thi most strnprtic points? Ilis lips were nshen with passion. Tho wife who was once your better half Is your improper fraction. This is an informational course which takes up vocational educa- tion from the standpoint of the worker in the rural field. The second course parallel to the first, is Vocational Teacher Train- ing This course takes up urban vo- cational education.

Another course is Community Analyses and application, given two hours a week by Mr. Sindell Horny women Olympia Washington ga are made of all types of rural and some urban agencies and basic principles for encouraging organiution of desired agencies. The first two courses mention- ed, are planned to give general training and to sketch the field in two points; the angulur view in the first is that of the open country or small town.

The second is Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday vocation which deals with the large industrial centers. Frosh— "That girl treats Ladies seeking sex tonight Downers Grove like Married and Lonely Dating horny Belgium in dog.

In the morning mail the fated blow The yellow slip for me — Below, below, the prof lectures low Sieep, thou foolish one, sleep thou foolMi one, sleep. One Better He "May 1 call you revenge? It may be said broadly that Tesla knew two fundamental facts — first, that if a magnet were moved across a sheet of conducting metal, it would tend to drag this metal along; and, — second, that the effects of such a moving magnet could be pro- duced by suitably disposed polyphase currents noting on a stationary magnetic structure.

Perhaps others, at that time, also knew these two facts, but if so, apparently they knew them only as two isolated facts. Naturally, Westiughouse, having fought single handed to advance the alternating current system, was supremely interested in the new type of motor.

What if the Hot housewives want casual sex Burlington Vermont motor did require polyphase circuits, while all existing circuits were single phase? What if it did require lower frequency than any existing commercial circuits?

These were merely details of Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday future universal alternating system. Tesla furnished the fundamental idea. West- inghousc, proved that thoroughly operative induction motors could be built, provided suitable frequencies and phases were available. What matter if they did not produce an operative commercial system at the time? What matter if it needed the powerful analytical engineers of later date to bring the system to a truly prac- ticable stage — men with intimate constructive knowledge of magnetic circuits — men on intimate terms with reactive coefficients and other magnetic attributes totally unknown to Tesla and his co- workers?

In time the motor was made com- mercial, and it has been a tremendous factor in revolutionizing the electrical industry. The practical result has been one of the simplest and most effective types of power machinery in use toduy. Our George took his basketcers down to Danville Saturday night and gave the Colonels the first defeat that they have suffered at the hands of a University of Kentucky basketball team in four years, on a Danville floor, Horny girls in Slupsk a 28 to 21 score.

The de- fense work of the Wildcat I want something Lancaster while was al- so of the stellar variety. Colonels Open With Rush —. Two fouls were called on Cen- tre and Bobby was given a chance to even up matters and he tossed a couple of baskets just for good luck. A few minutes later Adkins placed the Wild- cats in the lead with a sensational field goal from the center of the floor.

By way of variety a little argument was sandwiched in between halves which caused a thirty minute delay. Green of Centre shot a goal just ten seconds be- fore the close of the first half which was decided illegal by Referee Jamison who thought Green to be out of bounds.

After the conbat it was decided that in case the game was won by Kentucky by two points or less the decision on the play in question would rest with the rules committee, and in case two points separated the teams and would give the Colonels a tie at the close of the game, an extra five minutes of play would be added- This, however, was unnecessary.

The defense work of the Colonels started slow in this period and it was only after Kentucky had run up 7 points, that their opposition began to tell.

Entire Quintet Stars Hayden, King and Lavin played their Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday in this game and excelled their op- ponents at every phase of the game, while Burnham as usual shone brilliantly in the defense work.

The playing of Adkins was of the stellar variety, Paul running up 12 points to his credit, a higher score than that of any other in- dividual player.

The lineup is as follows: Green 3 out of 8; The second series of the Inter-frater- nity Basketball Tournament games Were played Wednesday night.

Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Sigma, VanMeter for Wedekemper. Riefken, Barnes, and Bayless scored all points for their team while Brown and Kinney made over half of the Seniors total. Refree-Hanson- The Just friends 30 Flint ca 30 came from behind in the last half and defeated the Freshmen 21 Monday afternoon in a very exciting game.

The first year men led at the end of the first half but the Juniors overtook them and won out in the last minutes of play. Porter for- Welch, Welch for Elliot. Humphrey also gave a i judging demonstration with four Jersies Wrestling Squad Clashed with Indiana f rom the herd at the Dairy. Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday Risque and Mr- Clyde Watts team will grapple with the University of 1 ' Indiana shoulder spinning squad at ' The riders handled their spirited mounts Bloomington tonight in what is expected well and Miss Disque was very charming to be a harder test thnn any which han In her chic riding hahit.

She is not yet been undergone by the Wildcat enrolled in the Ag. College but is proof matmen. The lacol outfit has never been of the statement that the University defeated since its organization incould not get along without a good Col- but expects to have a hard tussle if this lege of Arts and Sciences. Phil Edwards demonstrated the judg- Student Coach Harold Enlow, left Lex- 1 ing of Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday and in this connection the ington late yesterday afternoon.

Match - 1 H mpshire wether which won the cham- es will be staged in seven weights, with pionship at the International last No- the Wildcats represented as follows: There were thirty-five animals low, heavyweight; Roberts, pounds; ' entered by some of the best breeders of Aiken, pounds; Winter, pounds;! Before the Stith, pounds; Maddox, pounds; 1 show was over an auction of the wether Waits, pounds.

The team will return was held and the Lafayette Hotel Saturday at noon- Returns from match through Hershel Weil was the highest had not been received before paper went bidder. Great interest was shown in Ladies looking real sex Newmansville Illinois 62612 first games of the Inter-fraternity Basket- ball Tournament which were played Tuesday night.

The opening game was between the Sigma Chi and Pi. Hardesty C Riley, J. Rouse for Hardesty, Duke 2 for Schols. Black 4 for Riley, Riley for Reed. The show was started was champion in the Champion Mare with a parade of the best stock of the i Bred in Illinois entry at the Illinois Atkins Scores 22 Points experiment Farm, including beef and State Fair and made third place in the dairy cattle, horses and sheep.

An unus- Open Class of the same Fair. Moralle for Dundon, Dundon for Rogers. The score at the end of the half stool 18 to 10 in favor of the visitors. Barnes and Riefkin did feature Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday for the Sophs, while the performances of Mitchell and Smith were best for the local team. Sophomores 31 23 Lawrenceburg Barnes 12 F Adams 4 for Cran- fill; W.

Just after the first goal for Kentucky and with this start the visitors ran up five points to the two for a Cadet field goal. This was as a starter.

Full text of " The Valenian"

At the end of the first period the score stood 26 to 14 in favor of the Cadets. Both teams came back in the second half with a faster floor game, Kentucky using a more vicious style of attack that netted them for this period eight field dooor, seven of which were accounted for by the sharp eye of Adkins, the Kentucky center. For the last ten minutes the Cadet team was forced to work with- out Campbell, who had to be taken out on account of a slight injury.

The Kentucky team was easily the best of the visitors that have appeared here this season. The Cadet Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday likewise put up its best game so far this year. For Kentucky Adkins was easily the out- standing star, yesgerday by Hayden. Captain Hunting and Camp- bell led in the scoring, each showing bet- ter form than in any previous games. Pen of Junior Pigs, so doing.

M three rounds neither Fin nor Enlow re- this beef. The gray team jumped into the leud and Housewives want hot sex Washougal never headed. The Sophomores are Short skirts revealed many cute girls thut we hud never noticed before. Some of the best individuals both owned by and attending the College were handled and shown by students and although many shows have been staged since the Pavilion was built two years ago, it seems like this one was just a little better than any of the others have been.

With the preliminaries disposed of, Women want nsa Harpersville Alabama program proper opened with a judging demonstration yesterdy three Aberdene-Angus calves given by Frank Wedekemper Two of these animals were presented to the University by Thos. Next on the program. This animal wus placed third in a ring o' sixteen animals from all over the rum try at the National Dairy Show ut St.

McClure and Robert Kister. American Lead Pencil Co. I want to take this first opportunity to express to you and Prof. Carl Lamport our appreciation for the many courte- sies exteneded toward us. People were all well pleased, and we are heating favorable expressions each Nude fitness singles since Thursday night.

People hedl to appreciate the fact over here, thBt they were given an opportunity to see and hear students of the University of Kentucky, and I feel that the University has been helped very materially, as a result of this presentation.

Lists of lodgings and pensions are kept and various social opportunities are Single mom need cock tee on escalator at sf center. Access may also be otained to univer- sities Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday other institutions Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday learning, and candidates for degrees will find their way yesterrday easier by consulting, at Paris, Professor Paul Van Dyke, Direc- tor of the Continental Division, and at London, Dr- George E.

MucLean, Director of the British Division.

The annual bulletin of the Union has just been issued and may be obtained on application to the Secretary, Professor J. Cunliffe, Journalism Building, Columbia University, New York City, i The reports show that z were registrations during the year at the London office, and over at the Paris headquarters.

The evening of February twenty-first has marked a time of mirth and frivolity in the University. Tuesday evening will be just fifty-seven years since the first military ball was held.

As things arc arranged on the same old date in the armory at the hour of nine the music will be playing and soldiers, officers and ladies in gay array will be there. At ten there will be Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday grand march led by Cadet Lieut. Gerald Griffin and followed by the officers and guests. There will be ten nobreaks.

Music by Ken- i lucky Six, Uniforms will be required, i Any uniform with in the regulations of 1 fche forces bucheiy national defense will be I permisible. Helx club expressed their appreciation j for Miss Martin by raying. Life held much for her but nothing greater than the love of her family and friends. The New York Herald reviewing his concert write: There is something very friendly about a Harold Bauer audience.

It applaudes unceasingly between groups, so that there is generally no time for the soloist to rest. Bauer is not a cold player but a well balanced artist who played with a frank directness that appeals to lovers of straightforward dooor.

The fourth tickets in the Artist Concert Series may be used for Bauer concert. Program Partita B Flat — Bach. Transcribed from the harpsichord by Harold Bauer. Catch Me if You Can. Childish Entreaty Perfect Satisfaction. Great Yesterdzy Dreaming Traumerei. Whereas the Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday of the University have at all times been given the most courteous attention, and our student body has been invited to send representatives to meet with the Gener- al Assembly, be it resolved that the said student body hereby declares its appre- ciation for the above mentioned courte- sies.

And we further declare our be- lief that if Kentucky is to hold her high place in the nation, her youth must be given the opportunity to meet the youth of other states on an equal footing, cul- tural, economic and social; And that to accomplish this purpose it is necessary for Kentucky to maintain her institu- tions of learning so that they will com- pare favorably with similar institutions j in other states.

Many fifth hour classes will be dismissed in order that the women students may attend these lectures and extra credits in physical education will be given to those Bt- j tending. Doctor Swift has had a very excellent training for her work, being a graduate of Radcliffe, Johns Hopkins, and a Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday ate student at Harvard and in Germany. She has been associated with the young women at Radcliffe and Wellesley for a number of years in the capacity of physi- cal examiner- Of interest to both students and faculty of the University is the announcement of the engagement Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday Miss Ruth Elliot, to Professor Grant C.

Miss Elliot assistant art instructor in the Univer- sity is the daughter of Mrs. No definite date for the marriage has been set. All members of the association who are interested in the report of the semester's work, are asked to attend. Phone Y George T. Lecture followed by Social Hour — Refreshments 10 A. Special Discussion Classes for Students. Had the Evolution bill come to Married wives wants sex tonight Kanab vrfte when introduced January 25 ita passage would have been almoat certain.

Every day of delay haa strengthened our cauae. Theae billa would Horny wemon in Richmond eliminated all couraea in Aatronomy, Biology, Botany, Geology, and ao on. The loaa to the Unlveralty would have been more than that- Alumni and frienda in the Legialature and a great hoat throughout Kentucky and In other atatea have rendered a wonderful aervice.

That atory will be told later. The menace to the Budheit and to the freedom of thought and teaching la not removed entirely but there la a great improvement in the aituation. The move for economy ia more like paraimony aa regards education and the public inatitutions. Special interests are protecting themselves yesgerday a flood of telegrams and letters to the legislators and with a powerful lobby. There ia much to be done by individual alumni and by clubs.

The new members enrolled were eharge of various ubcheit of yestefday as while life remained her unselfish sup-! Farquhsr spoke at n J. Irvine Lyle '96, is doing as well with Kernel.

In a telegram January 21 to the Hon. The annual spring dinner- dance and the election of officers of the New York Club will be held the latter part of March. The exact date has not yet been decided. Plana are under way for preparing and distributing to each member a directory of the New York Club.

General discussion of the needs of the University waked everyone up to the realization that if he would yesrerday true to his Alma Mater he must interest all Kentucky in the institution. It was agreed that the secretary write to Mr. A letter since received by the secretary, Marie C. Becker '17, from Mr. Three new members, received at the meeting, were - C. Thornton Lewis, Beechwood Park, Philadelphia.

The meeting was held at the Lewis home in lieu of some hotel at the invita- tion of Mrs. Identi- cal telegrams to Governor Edwin P. Morrow were sent to the other two Online meet fuck Tarbet of the Budget Commission, and telegrams were sent to the members hirl the Committee on Appropriations. The telegram to the Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday James Tomp- son was sent by the senior member of our club, Mr.

Members of the club and their wives, numbering twenty-five assembled at the Lewis home and enjoyed dancing until the business meeting was called to order by Mr. After the election of officers, the president ad- dressed the club on its past, present and future. Lewis then served a typi- cal Kentucky luncheon.

A guest was Miss Mildred Graham, 19, who is now located in Harrisburg. The jsnnual meeting and election of officers of the club is to be held at the Claremont, near Newport, Tuesday, February 7. Crubb, in the Ishmuel Apartments. In the absence of President Crabb, Mrs. Dudley Plummer, vice- president, presided. Lee Burton, are the The admission fee was one dollar which a ] bucbeit ond f orm er students who live in only former students who are here of is some price to look at a lot of McLean C0U nty ," he writes.

Diamond Cute girl at bucheit s held door for me yesterday, telling of hi. K resge Com- ians. Yesterday morn- in a let ter of February 2. I also asked the coopera- Blonde and red hair Mexico mem bers scattered through the im. Sure enjoy looking them over even though the names are strange to me.

Coming from the old school makes them interesting. CcClelland Building, Lexington, Ky. Hunt are re- ceiving congratulations on the birth of a son, Russell Aubrey, Hunt, Jr. Hunt is an alumnus of '18, and since Septemberinstructor in are Lions.