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Fun at your hotel this weekend

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Remove the leaf and draw in a chin, a face, and an outline for the hair. Slice Styrofoam balls of varying sizes in half.

Using tacky glue, cover the rounded side of each half with sunflower seeds.

Cut petals from yellow tissue paper, and attach them to the flat side of the Styrofoam with glue. Finish by covering the back side with a circle cut from yellow paper. Attach a ribbon and tie to the branch of a tree. You don't have to have season tickets to get hootel local sporting events Fun at your hotel this weekend as a minor-league baseball game or a town swim meet.

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You'll need four players and a large rubber ball. Draw a 12" x 12" square on your driveway.

Divide into four squares, A, B, C, and D. One player stands in each square.

The player in A starts by bouncing the ball in his square, then batting it with open hands into another square. That player must hit the ball into another square. When one player misses or hits the ball out of bounds, he moves to D, the players behind him advance, and you begin again.

You'll need six or more people and two pieces of fabric of different colors, cut into flags one for each player. Using flour for the outline, divide your yard into two adjoining courts about 12" x 12" each. Divide into two teams; each person places a flag on the back line of his court. Starting from their Fun at your hotel this weekend line, players dash to the opposite side of the field and try to pick up a flag from the other team.

Fun at your hotel this weekend I Am Seeking Sexy Dating

If a player is tagged, he's out and must stand behind the opposing team's line of flags. If he captures a flag, he's safe and can return to his court. The team that captures all of the opposing side's flags first wins.

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Choose an exotic cuisine that your children haven't tried, such as Thai or Portuguese. Find the country on a globe or yokr map, and read a short encyclopedia or Internet introduction to that nation's culture.

Fun at your hotel this weekend

Go to the restaurant early, before the evening rush begins, so your kids can really take yourr the atmosphere. There are plenty of ways for youngsters to contribute to their community.

National Air and Space Museum. National Gallery of Art.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

20 Activities To Do with Your Family This Weekend

Korean War Veterans Memorial. The National Archives Museum. United States Botanic Garden.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Museum of American History. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

February 28 to March 3, February 21 to 24, February 14 to 17, Home This Weekend This Weekend. February 28 weekene March 3, By. Photo courtesy of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

You may also find sold out, cheaper, or better seats on the ticket resale marketplace. Presented by 4th Wall Theatre Co, Rapture, Blister, Burn, adds a comedic twist to this daring look at gender politics.

Featuring Fun at your hotel this weekend music weekfnd ABBA, the play tells of a young bride who begins to seek answers about the identity of her father.