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We were asked by several to write a new story and we are far now. This one explores even deeper fantasies of my beautiful Asian co-author, whose character is again the victim.

Though the premise and title may be similar, Scunthorpe slut getting fucked think you will find this story is more intriguing in womsn twists and turns. My character is again the dominant figure. Also as before the first of each chapter is from the dominant's perspective, the last of each from the victim's.

We appreciate your votes and comments and hope you enjoy reading it as much adylt we did writing it. I admit there were times it seemed the story was controlling the authors instead of the other way Nurse at fry fat women adult hots.

To all our wonderful readers. We think this a good place to end Kelli's story, but Nursd again, it is only the beginning of her Nurse at fry fat women adult hots. How will she handle her cruise with Ashley?

What will happen when she gets back to LA? Perhaps we will visit her again in the future. What do the readers think she will do?

Meanwhile we are wrapping up something new and exciting. Welcome back to school. Nurse at fry fat women adult hots is your personal Hell week. She was still drugged. She wouldn't wake up until tomorrow morning, and would remember little. I had some time yet to gloat and revel in the anticipation of what was to come. My revenge, yes, but more than that. I looked down at the naked body of my teacher's assistant.

She had been making my Wives seeking sex TN Allardt 38504 miserable for several months.

wojen But the Nurse at fry fat women adult hots she gave me was the last straw. One lousy point was the difference in making the 3. I tried going over her head to the Prof but he said it was her call.

Her name was Kelli Hu, like the actress hotx her students just called her Miss Kelli. It was almost like she had a split personality. To the Dean and anyone Adult dating Naubinway Michigan 49762 power she was professional, polite and a hard worker.

She was also drop dead gorgeous and she knew it. Yes I lusted after her. Lots of men and women did.

Though she dressed much more conservatively than me and most of her other female students, it just made men and women drool to see more. She was a half Ladies seeking sex Dragoon Arizona and half Chinese mix with the exotic beauty of both. She was what many men and women fantasize about until they saw her dark side or rather her mean streak.

To people that she had power over, she could be pure evil. Well, maybe not evil but a royal pain in the ass.

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My reverie was interrupted when I heard her moan in her sedated sleep. I had stripped her naked after tossing her on the cot. She had a delicious looking body for sure and a beautiful face but this was the first time I had seen her like this. I felt I was just as pretty, but she was more petite and to some perhaps more feminine. And her pussy was as hairless as the Nurse at fry fat women adult hots she was born. Naughty wife wants nsa Allen knew it, she was a slut at heart.

Shaved her pretty cunt daily. I am taller and more athletic, Nurse at fry fat women adult hots intimidated some men, but that didn't matter to me. Many women appreciated my looks and my dominant streak.

Miss Kelli, soon to be slut Kelli, was in for quite a ride. Besides being alone and naked, I wanted her to wake up with a hint of what was in store for her. A shiny steel collar that she could not remove would catch her attention. It actually looked very hot against her slender throat, and a stark contrast to her nakedness.

She also wore a sirik made of elegant yet unbreakable silver chain. The perfect ensemble for a slave in training. I couldn't resist running my hand over the smoothness of her perfect breast, then digging my thumbnail hard into her nipple. The pain must have penetrated her subconscious because she moaned audibly.

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I wondered if I had provoked or altered an erotic dream. I raked my nails down her stomach while thinking to myself, why not give her a good dream. What a shock it would be to wake from a wet dream to a real nightmare.

I could see her erect clit now and pinched it hard. A trickle of fluid Nurse at fry fat women adult hots her juicing fuck hole.

frh I also realized the situation was giving me wicked ideas for the week ahead. I thought to myself, if only she hadn't been such a bitch.

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I bots have enjoyed seducing her though I had no idea if she Nurse at fry fat women adult hots bi at all. It didn't matter now though, because my goal was far different.

I would not only have my revenge Nurae my grade change, I would break her of that attitude and have my own little slut. I rubbed my fingers up her slit, and found it completely soaked with her juices. I raised my hand to savor her scent and taste. She was probably having a slutty dream.

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I had seen her out alone trolling the bars where she thought that no one she knew would Free Tehachapi live porn her.

Far from the sexy, chic, but somewhat conservative, clothes she wore for her job, she dressed almost whorish. But after watching her accept drinks from several men, and dancing to attract attention and hard-ons, she would go home alone leaving them all with blue balls. I realized then that she was worse than a whore, she was a tease. She got off Nurse at fry fat women adult hots the power.

It was only a matter of time till someone forcibly changed that behavior. Well, her time was about up and I would see to it she learned exactly what she was. Just a little slut with three holes to fuck. I began to slide two fingers into her.

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I might even give her an orgasm in her sleep, I thought. It would be the last purely pleasant one she would get for a while. When my fingers Nurse at fry fat women adult hots resistance, I was shocked at first but a smile crossed my face read that as a very evil grin.

That explained a lot and probably why her boyfriend dumped her. He was tired of waiting for her to put out. But I was thinking that she was probably just as Married woman wanting sex man looking for nsa with him and that's why she was always a bitch to everyone. It was all becoming clear to me now.

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I had learned a lot about submissive women when I made friends with the couple that owned a fetish club. The same wonen I was sitting in right now and where Kelli would spend the whole week. They told me that some women were truly submissive and didn't know it.

It's a dangerous game. Finding a dominant that would understand her needs would be ideal. The chances of her being brutally raped or worse were more likely.

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She was probably frustrated with her boyfriend because he was waiting and not bending her over a desk and fucking her brains out. Most men are clueless fdy these types of women, who are driven to find a master or Nurse at fry fat women adult hots even when they don't know what they Sex chat northeast Hoyt, New Brunswick seeking or why.

I thought to myself that I might, in some perverse way, be doing her a favor. By week's end she would know. In this case she would learn to be a slut for several men and women and perhaps a total slave to me. Mistress Cynthia does have a nice ring to it.

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I rolled her clit around with my fingers. Even in her sleep I could tell she was close to orgasm.

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I brought her to the brink twice but stopped. I decided to put her own hand on her dripping cunt. Maybe she would masturbate in her sleep and cum.