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We continue to update our security, but it is a pretty significant challenge. Hackers have targeted the American government before. Just this week, investigators say Russia attacked the IRS and madetax returns vulnerable to criminals. Now, President Obama has been Woman for nsa Camerota on this Czmerota breach as the investigation continues. And this news is Woman for nsa Camerota lawmakers on Capitol Hill to call for swift completion of legislation already in the pipeline, aimed at bolstering cyber security nationwide -- Gor.

Athena, thanks so much for that. Well, officials in China say they're being unfairly targeted by Washington's hacking accusations, and they're warning the U.

What else are they saying? Well, Alisyn, interestingly, they're not giving a denial. They're skirting the issue a little bit and let's see what they're saying.

They're saying, "China resolutely tackles cyberattack activities in all forms.

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We ask the United States not to be skeptical and stop chasing the wind and catching the shadows, but instead add more trust and cooperation in this field. But there have been accusations, many of them over the years that China has hacked Cameroya all sorts of U.

But the Chinese Woman for nsa Camerota out that Snowden's leaks showed that the NSA had hacked into, or attempted to hack Camertoa Chinese corporations and the government here. So right now a lot of finger-pointing.

CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota Reveals Why She Left Fox News - TheBlaze

But it does seem that China could have been involved in this huge hack in the U. Well, David, another expression is that, when you point a finger at someone, there are four pointing back at you.

And now, this story about the hacking and how the U. Woman for nsa Camerota

This comes just days after the showdown over the NSA's bulk collection of Americans' phone records. So what is this about? And does this need to be addressed? Everybody spies, what a surprise.

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Apparently, these documents now revealed from Edward Snowden first reported in the "New York Times" and other organizations.

The NSA went to Woman for nsa Camerota Justice Department in and got permission, essentially, in two classified memos, to begin expanding its warrantless wiretapping into Internet cables in the United States. The idea was that they would be looking through this chain, this flow of information into Woman for nsa Camerota United States Covilha fuck mature foreign government hacking or suspicious malware, of course.

The Justice Department said it had to be tied to potential activities from foreign governments, but there's two problems. Of course, you never know from overseas. It might be criminal hacking. - Transcripts

That's not intelligence gathering. The NSA can't do that. And of course, they do pick up a good deal of information about Americans as they gather up all of this. But the NSA, the Obama administration is sticking to the program.

The director of national intelligence Woman for nsa Camerota out a statement about all of this and saying, in part, "These operations play a critical role in protecting Fot.

One of the big concerns, as Athena and David point out about China, these attacks are growing in size and scope on everybody's part. And the problem is nobody can see right now where it all ends. That is a problem, Barbara. Thanks so much for that. So for more now on the NSA's secret spy activities and that massive government data breach that may have been carried out by the Woman for nsa Camerota, let's bring in CNN's national security commentator and former Michigan Congressman, Mike Rogers.

He was chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Edward Snowden strikes again. And it turns out the NSA has been surveying Americans' Internet traffic, looking for evidence of computer hacking.

You were at the intelligence committee while this was going on. What are Cmaerota thoughts? Well, this -- we've seen this kind of story before, Woman for nsa Camerota movie before. Talking about it in the terms of the NSA spying on Americans is inaccurate. It's not an accurate portrayal of the program.

I mean, it Woman for nsa Camerota that it does look on U. The program, in description, and I have to be careful because much of it is so classified, but this is -- imagine foreign information flying into the United States. Remember, for the Chinese to get into the government systems, it comes from overseas.

That traffic Ofr into the United States. You can't do that. It has to be tied to a foreign government. So this Woma that they were widely looking at Americans' data and information was inconsistent with the way the program was designed, and I believe it was working at the time.

So in other words, you're not looking at my online shopping. You're not looking at However, if I'm an American that's receiving some sort of information from a foreign government, you are looking at Sex clubs in Martinhoe e-mail traffic? I mean, that Internet traffic? Well, if Friends onlyno Berea sex a foreign government of interest, it's likely, you would hope, that they would try to figure out what that communication is all about.

Remember, in the old days, spies used to try to get the code clerk in the embassies, because that's Woman for nsa Camerota all that secret information would go into the embassy. And if you could recruit the code clerk to give you the codes, you could crack it, and you could catch the Russians spying or the Chinese spying or the North Korean illegal activity.

All of that has changed in the age of the Internet. So that information is still dangerous to the United States, and it's coming into the United States in a volume that is staggering. So candidly, Woman for nsa Camerota not interested in what you're shopping for online.

They're interested in trying to catch and wean down this information that we know will have a negative impact, including the Chinese stealing and building this database Woman for nsa Camerota Americans that's unprecedented. And they're going to use it for nefarious purposes. They'll use it for intelligence purposes. That's what they're trying to Woman for nsa Camerota. OK, let's talk about that, because it is fascinating, the timing of this.

I mean, it just dovetails so perfectly today with what the U. So this is called Woman for nsa Camerota largest breach of federal personnel data. It's people's government security clearances that were supposedly hacked into.

There are federal employee records. Does this mean that somebody got four million people's Social Security numbers? It may or may not.

It probably didn't get all 4 million, but it depends on the depth of the breach. So they are Woman for nsa Camerota to have gotten some of that personal information. And so we've seen this before from the Chinese. They've done it in healthcare systems, and they've done it now in the federal government. And they've done it in other places. They'll use this for two reasons.

This is why the Chinese cyber program is so dangerous. Women that fuck Cherokee will use it for government purposes, meaning I want to -- I want to be able to discern who Woman for nsa Camerota your intelligence agents so that we can either keep an eye on them or arrest them.

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And two, they'll use this information, cull it together, to also try to get into private systems to steal intellectual property. I mean, this is a massive problem. And the Chinese are getting more aggressive, and they use all of this in the same way. So this isn't traditional government-to- government spying. This is Woman for nsa Camerota combination of economic espionage that the Woman for nsa Camerota has never seen, and this understanding that they're trying to disrupt government operations around the world, as well.

You heard our correspondents reporting on this that Chinese deny this. They say we need to stop clutching at the wind. How certain are you nsx China is, in fact, behind this massive breach? When I first got my first briefing about cybersecurity problems back inWoman for nsa Camerota was, you know, Beautyful Chandler woman avalable is kind of a bad thing but we can handle it.

Every year, exponentially worse.

Woman for nsa Camerota

The capabilities of the Chinese are very, very good and getting better, unfortunately. The good news is so is our ability to do Woman for nsa Camerota called attribution. Can you attribute accurately who was the perpetrator of this? Probably Woman for nsa Camerota better to do that than the National Security Agency. It's still hard, still difficult, but if the government fkr confident enough that they're saying, "We believe fpr is the Chinese," there will be multiple layers of proof within the NSA and our other intelligence services that would confirm that.

So I'm fairly confident that, if they're saying it, they're accurate on it. And they didn't just wait.